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Friday, December 17, 2010

Blood Angels Army List Request: Battleforce!

tainted demon from this post asked for a BA list built from the following sets: 2x SM battleforces, tycho model, corbulo model, 1-2x sanguinary guard boxes, a stormraven and a box of death company which gives us roughly 30 Marines, 10 ASM, 5x DC, 10x SG, corb, tycho, 2 rhinos, 10 scouts and the stormraven. So we're going to have serious issues with whatever list we put together but I think we can do something.  The biggest issue is Tycho who is just...well bad. He's expensive and doesn't bring anything to the army and Herohammer died a while ago. On further conversation, tainted demon is okay with not using him which gives us some options which is good. We've got 15 jump packs + 10 sanguinary guard wings and with the bits from the DC/ASM/Tacticals can build a wide variety of Tacs/ASM/DC but only have 2 flamers, 2 meltaguns, 2 plasma guns and 2 missile launchers so tainted demon is going to need to buy something to help flesh out this list I'm afraid.

With this in mind we're going to be running a Hybrid list. We'll start with two Scout squads each taking an ML and 4x sniper rifles and camo cloaks which are 100 each. This gives us two solid objective holders and two missiles. We'll also add 2x5x Devs w/2x ML. This means tained demon is going to have to buy some MLs but he's got the bodies from the Tactical squads and we've now got 6 missiles so some decent suppression fire. The last Heavy Support slot is for the Stormraven which we will give EA, twin-linked MM, twin-linked PC and hurricane bolters. We need to put something inside and DC are probably the best bet here. We'll go for 10 strong and with mixing the parts from the DC/ASM/Tacs this should be easy enough. Two power weapons and a Thunder Hammer gives the squad some punch. To support the DC in combat we're going to take 2x SG squads with double infernous pistol and PFist and we really need a Priest to go with them so we'll add one with one of our spare JPs but leave him bare for the moment. I'm going to assume tainted demon can put one together from the bits he has from all the BA boxes as we're also going to take Corb on foot to help protect the Devs & Scouts with a FNP bubble.

We've still got our two Rhinos and ASM/Tacs to use. We'll add in two Rhinos full of ASM then and give them double meltagun (need to get 2 more then) and a PFist each for the Sarges. Let's check our points.

125 + 230 + 230 + 105 + 75 + 250 + 250 + 100 + 100 + 260 + 245 + 110 + 110 = 2190 so we've gone over by quite a bit. We'll lose a scout squad then, drop 3 DC, make the TH a power fist and lose the Libby jump pack and we get:

Libby w/Shield, Sword
2x 5x SG w/2x infernous pistols, Powerfist
Corbulo, Priest w/JP
2x 10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Powerfist, Rhino
5x Scouts w/ML, cloak
7x DC w/PFist, 2x power weapon
2x 5x Devs w/2x ML
Stormraven w/TL-MM, TL-PC, hurricane bolters, EA

Totals: 2000 points
55 infantry
3 tanks

The 3 tanks is the issue as they aren't too hard to stop at 2000 points so I'd be looking at getting some Speeders and putting them into the list but otherwise all tainted demon needs to get is some extra weapons and do some converting to get the Priest and Libby.

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