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Friday, December 17, 2010

The final Riflemen Dreadnought conversion...

So we've had a look at two Rifledreads seen here and here now is the third one! They have each been done differently and this is easily the easiest but not my favorite looking (though others seem to appreciate it). Basically it's the multi-part plastic dreadnought kit with the Assault Cannon arm and Missile Launcher arms used. The assault cannon is sawed off and then filed and sanded back and the autocannons are clipped about 4/5ths of the way down the barrel, pinned and glued. I haven't done any touching up at this point, adding any barrels, heraldry, or modifications on the arms at all so they don't look perfect but is really easy to do as long as you've got spare Dread parts lying around. The same can be done with the DCCW and TLLC arms for a different look as well but I wanted the chainfeed from the Assault Cannon arm and will need to add one to the missile arm (as well as ammo drums, etc.).

Anyway, thoughts appreciated on this version and shots of all three Dreads together will be up later on 3++ - The painting side.

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