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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Email in: 1750 Shooty Chaos list with Synergy? A little?

"Hey Kirbs it's me TheAngelKing47... was just wondering your thoughts on this list

160 Termi Lord with Mark of Tzeentch and Daemon Weapon (Gun)
125 Sorcerer Mark of Slaneesh and Lash

270 2x5 Plague Marines w/2x Melta
70 2x Dedicated Rhino

175 1x5 2x5 Plague Marines w/2x Plasma
35 1x Dedicated Rhino

215 4x Termis, MoT , w/reaper, power fist, combi flamer, combi melta (they're metal, I'm keeping them modeled that way)
245 Land Raider Daemonic Possession

150 2x Obliterator
150 2x Obliterator
150 Predator Daemonic Possession

Which puts me at a grand total of 1745"

Replying to this now as I haven't really made head-way on the emails sent in early by TAK relating to his Chaos force; a list is much better to critique than a pile of models! That being said, you've got a ton of stuff you don't need here. Lord. Daemonic Possession. Land Raider. All of that can be dropped right off the bat and saves us 160+245+20 (425) points. LR without PotMS are just bad and Godhammers are some of the worst variants IMO as they don't offer as much killing potential as the Vanilla variants and would rather sit back and shoot when their capacity and assault ramp makes them a better tank to throw in someones face. Daemonic possession is only really good on the Vindie as the -1BS isn't that bad there but we know what I think of those tanks already! The Lord also does what for the army? Adds some expensive combat punch and that's about it. The Sorc at least allows you to play with your opponent's army and satisfies the HQ requirement.

What we want to do here now is build-up some more Troops (another Plague squad works or a large CSM squad or two) and fill out the Elites slot. From your previous emails I know you've got quite a large bunch of CSM models in regards to that so we'll be looking there to make our points up. We'll start with Chosen to compliment the Terminators who can either advance and fire or deep-strike (they also don't need MoT but if you want it on them, that's fine). A Chosen squad with 3x meltaguns, Rhino and Havoc Launcher costs 180 points so we'll take two of these leaving only 70 points to play with. We'll drop the Plague Marine squad with the plasma then and replace it with a full squad of CSM with lascannon, plasma gun, Rhino and add 3 havoc launchers to the Troops rhinos leaving us with enough points for another Terminator. This gives us:

Sorc w/Lash, MoS
2x5x Chosen w/4x meltagun, Rhino w/Havoc Launcher
5x Terminators w/MoT, reaper autocannon, PFist, combi-flamer, combi-melta
2x5x Plague Marines w/2x meltagun, Rhino w/havoc Launcher
10x CSM w/lascannon, plasma gun, Rhino
2x2x Oblits
Predator w/lascannon sponsons

Totals: 1750 points
6 tanks
40 infantry

Not super fantastic but keeps the concept you had with your list sent to me and uses the models from a previous email (though I noticed there are some things you need to get such as the Plague Marines and Predator). Let me know your thoughts.

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