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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collecting an army (part 4): Expanding the force!

Hello again, it has been a while! Since I last posted I messed my knee up quite spectacularly and hence thought a lot of hobby activities would take place but alas they have not, until now!

I have the 40k Open hosted at Maelstrom Games coming up in January which is a 6 game tournament, 3 games at 1500 and 3 at 1750. I’ve decided to take Space Wolves but after my last outing I felt the Loganwing was not particularly great, it certainly won’t work properly at 1500 and as such it is time to revise my list and in doing so add more models to my collection.

I am a wee bit upset to be playing in the Open as I missed out on the Masters (top 16 uk players on ranking HQ) by one place. Still, 2010 was my first year playing competitively in a long time and I used 4 different codexes over the year so I ought to be very happy overall!

I’ve decided on the following list for 1500:

Runepriest (Lightning and Jaws)

Riflemen Dread
Riflemen Dread
3 Wolfguard /w combi-melta

5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Las/Plas back
5 Grey Hunters, meltagun, Las/Plas back

5 Thunderwolves, powerfist, stormshield, boltgun, meltabomb

5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers
5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers
5 Long fangs /w 4 missile launchers

For 1750 I plan to add a wolf lord on thunderwolf but am as yet unconfirmed with either list!

So from what I currently have painted I need to paint:
1 Runepriest
2 Riflemen dreads
1 rhino
2 razorbacks
5 thunderwolves

Some of these models I already have, some I am purchasing as we speak!

The rhino and the two riflemen dreads I have stolen from my “lol sprayed plastic grey” codex SM army, I’ve just spent 30 minutes or so whacking on random space wolf bits, I still need to do some greenstuff work, particularly to “space wolfify” the rhino. Here’s the WIP!

I hope everyone has had a super Christmas and I wish you all an excellent New Year,

Ru xx

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