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Friday, December 10, 2010

Email in: 1850 Imperial Guard


Wanted to run my 1850 Imperial Guard list by you. I know that the Dark Eldar are the new cool, but I feel that the guard's heavy weapons are ideally positioned to fight them. For all that Beastmasters are nifty, their high wound T3 models don't want to sit downwind of the punishment Hydras can put out, and their vehicles are similarly ephemeral. While no one likes taking Darklance hits, Chimeras mind less than most, and Lance still isn't the way to take down Armor 14 (well, maybe Heat Lance).

CCS, Chimera, 2x Melta, AC HWT - 135 Points
Infantry Platoon (Blob)
1x PCS (2 Flamers, Commissar) - 95 Points
3x Infantry (1 AC) - 180 Points

3 Vet Squads (3x Melta, Chimera) - 465
Heavy Support
2x LRBT, 1x Plasma Sponsons, Extra Armor on both - 370 Points
Ordinance battery - Colossus, Griffin - 215 Points
Hydra Flak Tank x2 - 150 Points
Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship - 130 Points
Vendetta Gunship - 130 Points

The bubble wrap is basic, and just serves to discourage things from getting to close to the russes initially. The Plasma sponsons exist because I was considering the executioner (for Terminator and other nasty threats) but realized that the LRBT with Plasma sponsons was just trading a plasma shot and armor 11 in CC for a Battle Cannon Shot at the same points cost. Sure. Okay, Sponsons don't have the same line of sight, but it's really a trade I can live with. Russes can screen Ordinance battery, and Hydras (hydras also get bubble wrapped sometimes).

Obviously there's no close combat punch, but the only thing I can think of is to drop a squad of rough riders near the bubble wrap and 12" charge into anything that gets near or through the bubble wrap with S5 Power Weapons. For 55 points, 11 S5 power weapon attacks are nice, but if they don't kill whatever they hit they just all die anyway like normal guardsmen.

Anyway, I'm totally open to any suggestions including ones from the SOB codex. I'd like to avoid DH, as rumor has them going away next and I don't want to invest in expensive metal models I'll never use after the new codex drops. "

A solid list but I think your HSupport needs work. Ord batteries are really so-so and the only time I think actual batteries are worth it is with Griffions as they are cheap but Guard don't really need cover ignoring AP4 shots. Personally I'd therefore like to see the Ord battery go as it's better to have things like Medusas but in seperate FoC. You can replace them with another Hydra squadron and the Russ squadron can still screen them. Whilst these squads are all vulnerable to multiple melta, that's what the bubble-wrap is for. Furthermore, why do you have EA on the LRBT? In a squad you ignore stunned results anyway. With the Russ squadron I think leave them both as bare LRBTs (unless you have spare points for HB) or change the PC sponson one to the Executioner (keep the sponsons). You can shrug off hits onto the LRBT so the Executioner can keep firing (unless you get multi-hit which on AV14 is difficult at best) and you've got a lot more firepower. With all of those changes your list total is 1795 so we've got points to play with.

You can add your Rough Riders in if you want but eh, I'd rather a bunch of PW in the Stubborn blob. Also, a Chimera for the PCS wouldn't go amiss either and this way they can drive forward with the Vets (unless they jump into the Vendettas) and flame stuff. I'd go this route and make sure you move the Commissar over to one of the Infantry squads.

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