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Friday, December 10, 2010

fester's Project Log... the Tribe has spoken

So it looks like its pretty much settled then... I'm building some Nids.

Now, the issue I see here is a very simple one - the last thing I need is a goddam Nids Army!

Anyway, I have a few ideas for a themed Nids list based around Admech, or Mecha-Nids, and I want to hear your thoughts on them.

So here are my 3 ideas:

1. Admech Nids, Proper version.

Think Imperial Guard army, but using the Nid Codex. We will be having human-esc servitor infantry (Gaunts) with Sentinal backup (warriors), followed by Flyers (Harpies), 2 Knight Titans (T-fex's) and some Tarantula-style gun enplacements (Hive Guard).
On top of this, we might even see a Chimera or 2 (Tervigons).

I would think that this army would suit Dark-Mechanicus well, with Daemons and Servitors, crazy half-daemon constructs as the Warriors, Hellblades, Defilers and Obliterators

2. Admech Nids, Bugs-r-Us
For this version, we would lean heavily on a recent Necron Model from FW for inspiration...
Yes, I mean Mr Nibbles

This would look more like the Ad-Mech tried to copy the Hive Mind's form and built a force to match.

3. Mecha-Nids
The Hive Mind, it has learnt, and evolved. We have finally seen the Nid's work out how to incorporate metals in their design. How? Think...

My thoughts are a horde of little bugs that are taking and controlling IG/SM/Etc vehicles. Something simple like a half-stripped Rhino could count-as Tervigon as the Replicators strip it and spawn more.
"Pooped out?" Don't you mean "ran out of suitable metals?'

As for the Replicator bugs, my mind is seeing something like the Crab below but with metal legs, so Nid-style carapace with metal legs, or metal sphere with gaunt scything-claw legs, something simple but creepy.

So is this going to be another poll?
Nope. What I am interested in is this:
Does anyone want me to build you this army? If you do, shoot me an email to and I will work out some details with you. Basically, you cover the costs of all the stuff I need to build it (I have a source of tonnes of cheap plasticard so its not $10/A4 Sheet etc) and you will get a 1750/2000pt Nid army of your choice at the end, built by me, for you. I work relatively quickly and can get the army painted to a table-top quality as part of the deal.

First in, best dressed. Bribes happily accepted!

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