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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Email in: 2500 Blood/Nipple Hammer list

"Dear Kirby,

As the title suggests I am working on my 2500 point BA army and finally have come to the ‘40k Temple of Kirby’ to ask the prophets if my list is competitive or going in the wrong direct. Just some back ground jump marines are awesome and I really liked the articles on Blood Hammer and Nipple Hammer (insert a link here if you’d like, I am lazy). I wanted to take the pieces from these lists that worked well for me and create an Ard Boyz style army. So here is what I have come up with.

Dante – 225
Librarian: Jump Pack, Fear of the Dark, Might of Heroes – 125
Sanguinary Priests x3, Lightening Claws x3, Jump Packs x3 – 270
Sanguinary Priest – 50

Sanguinary Guard: Banner, PF, Infernus Pistol – 250
Sanguinary Guard: PF, Infernus Pistol – 220
Assault Marines x10: x2 Melta gun, PF – 235
Assault Marines x10: x2 Melta gun, PF - 235
Assault Marines x10: x2 Melta gun, PF - 235
Heavy Support
Devastator Squad x10: x4 Plasma Cannons (PC) -
Devastator Squad x10: x4 Missile Launchers (ML)
Devastator Squad x10: x4 Missile Launchers (ML)
Points 2495
Totals: 76 Models
45 Jump Troops
31 Infantry
9 Melta/Infernus
18 PW/PF
8 ML
4 PC

Devastators get combat squad so I can shoot at 6 targets as need be and the priest without a jump pack hangs back with them giving FnP. I know that the PC Dev squad isn’t normal but I think with a +3 Armor Save and FnP BA can negate the affects of ‘Get’s Hot’ quite a bit allowing a player to affectively put down pretty safe plasma. Dante, the Libby and a Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump pack go with the SG unit with the banner. Another Sanguinary priest will go with the other SG squad and the 3rd will get attached to a Assault Marine Squad. So what do you think? Am I on the right track or am I doomed to bowels of suck?

Thanks for any Help

Andrew "

Hmm I'm not sure this list concept is going to work at 2500. Even though you're using 30x Devs, they are still pretty vulnerable to to 2500 points worth of shooting... Anyway, let's see what we can do with this concept and fully flesh it out.

If you're using Dante, use him rather than taking some token squads of SG. At 2500 you want at least 5 SG squads and should be looking at maximising them out so you have 30 2+/FNP bodies. That of course means you'll be looking at taking 2-3 Priests but since your combat power is based on SG you don't really need to give them LClaws. Powerfists are an option but since Priests are ICs, they are pretty easy to pick out. For the moment leave them bare and since you have 30 Devs split into 6 squads, two Priests to babysit them would be a good idea and under no circumstances should they have Plasma Cannons. The Gets Hot! rule isn't a factor here, it's the fact that they aren't really necessary. You're rarely going to gain maximum benefit from the PC blasts over ML blasts in terms of using their AP2 (i.e. no cover) and they are completely balls at anti-tank compared to the ML. Keep them all at ML for duality purposes.

Problem is with all of this, Dante and Libby you're stuck at 2685 points which means either losing an SG squad or dropping the Devs back to 5 men each. I'm going to go with dropping an SG squad here as 25 2+/FNP Marines is still pretty scary at 2500 points whilst 3x5x Devs isn't. This takes you to 2455 points so you've got some points to play around with upgrades as you like but here's the basis:

Libby w/Lance, Shield (both are very, very important for Jumper lists)
3x Priest w/JP
2x Priest
5x SG w/2x infernous pistol, PFist
3x10x Devs w/4x ML

Totals: 2455 points
62 infantry (30 jumpers, 32 foot)

Not as many models but a more impressive offensive force. If you weren't looking to use Dante + SG you could get more models with normal ASM but will need to use HG for your FNP/FC bubbles on the move as you'll need to use two Elite slots for SG squads to have some offensive punch. I think a better list at 2500 however is pure Jumper and going something like 3x VV, 4-5x ASM, 2x HG, 2x SG, Priests, Libby. This overcomes the issue of Devs being shot off the board which at 2500 is much more likely than 1500-2000 points.

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