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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Email in: Land Raider Achilles

"Hello Kirby,

I have it on good authority that a Land Raider Achilles will be sitting under the tree for me come this Christmas. Since the local tourney scene allows Forge World units that aren't flyers and have no structure points to be used, how might one make use of this beast.

I'm just compiling a Space Marine force after 2 years with Tau. I'm currently sitting on 3 full Black Reach sets(with 3 sets of Thunder Hammers and Storm Shield and three Aegis Defense lines on the way) as well as a Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer and one lonely Razorback. I also have Shrike and Khan.

During my proxy phase, I knocked up paper versions of 3 Land Speeders, Three dakka preds, and 6 Razorbacks that I can use to proxy units until I can afford them.

With such an awe inspiring foundation, how would you suggest I proceed? I would really like to simply slot it into Codex marine shooty list and use it as a dominant midfield objective holder, but I'm not sure that's the best application.

The Land Raider Achilles is available to everyone except Blood Angels.(cuz a 5+ cover save from Shield on top of Ferromantic Invulnerability would be sick)


Razorlead "

If Forgeworld rules are allowed with the noted restrictions, just spam Deathwind pods lol. Anyway, I'd be looking at a list with the Achilles hiding 5 Tac marines as a midfield literal rock of immobility. Add some TH/SS termies in an LRC for a second Raider and then back up with min sized LasPlas Tac Marines or 10 man flamer/MM/Rhino tacs Marines, Speeders, Dreads and Preds and you've got your list. I'm going to assume you're converting the AoBR dreads with the Aegis Defense Kits so two Rifledreads there. Putting that all together and we get...

Libby w/Null Zone, Avenger
2x Rifledreads
5x TH/SS w/LRC w/MM, EA
5x Tacs
2x 10x Tacs w/flamer, MM, Rhino
3x Landspeeder w/MM, HF
Land Raider Achilles
2x Dakka Pred

Totals: 1995 points
11 tanks
31 infantry

Very similar to the double Termie list but you've got a stronger scoring presence and less assault presence. You could run a single Achilles in a Mech style list (see my Mech Marines) and use it to screen everything else and then be a midfield anchor) but this uses your Terminators as well.

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