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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Email in: Undivided 40k Chaos list


Let me know what you think of this list. It’s my effort to try to devise a pure undivided Chaos list that actually has a chance of working:

It’s not really a subtle list; you’ve got a bunch of CSMs doing midfield work or holding objectives, the requisite DPs, some bikes for screening, and some teleporting midfield support. The bikes rush forward, and if I’m real lucky, survive for a turn and then have oblits and terminators dump down onto their icons. The Havoc launchers are for horde control. I admit that it’s like trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear to do this kind of thing 1) with Chaos and 2) with no PMs, but I don’t think this list is so awful.

What I think is different is the attention to not taking the terribad asp champ upgrades that plague these lists, and to using min-sized squads to make so-so FA choices more palatable. Any suggestions for improvement based on the theme? My thinking is that maybe the third CSM squad is a bit much, and maybe I should dump the points into another terminator squad and fill out the oblits more.

DP w/ wings, warptime (155)
DP w/ wings, warptime (155)

3x CSMTs w/ 2 combi-melta, 1 chainfist, 1 Reaper autocannon (140)

10x CSMs w/ autocannon, plasma gun, icon, rhino w/ havoc launcher (235)
10x CSMs w/ autocannon, plasma gun, icon, rhino w/ havoc launcher (235)
10x CSMs w/ autocannon, plasma gun, icon, rhino w/ havoc launcher (235)

3x Bikes w/ 2 melta, icon (129)
3x Bikes w/ 2 melta, icon (129)
3x Bikes w/ 2 melta, icon (129)

3x2 obliterators (450)


You're certainly correct in pointing out this list isn't the best Chaos can do; it rather feels like you're trying to do what Vanilla Marines do and make it spikey. That said if you're going for fluffy in terms of undivided, fair enough. The lack of Mark of Nurgle on the Daemon Princes is very lacking though. I'd almost turn them into a single Sorcerer and grab more Teriminators instead. The main issue you're also going to have is vehicle saturation. Those Rhinos aren't going to survive very well at 2000 points after your opponent gets one or two rounds of shooting if the list is any decent.

To change this you could turn the Terminators into Chosen squads in Rhinos. You don't have any real combat presence then but Chaos aren't really able to go toe to toe with the good combat armies out there and whilst Nurgle DPs are nice, the lack of good invulnerable saves or really strong combat ability hampers them here.

Again, in terms of fluffy if you were able to get more armor on the field I don't think it's bad. The list is solid if weak like most Chaos lists but those are the concesssions one makes for fluff!

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