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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The New Kid.

This is apparently what my handle
makes people think of.
  Hello 3++ readers,

I'm the New Kid. Kirby just asked me to join 3++ as a regular (irregular is what he's getting) and I thought I may as well take him up on it. So, now I'm part of the legendary slave labour force that keeps 3++ churning quality stuff out to the masses. So if you don't mind humouring me, I'll talk a bit about myself. I'm Will/Billy Cruickshanks (Billy if Kirby's about, as he's also Will and there can be only one). I live in Scotland and am a huge geek. Anything "geeky" and I'm probably a practitioner, or have at least tried it. So I should fit in fine round here (:. I'm a regular, usually in the chatbox, and play all the game systems discussed on 3++.

I really have no idea what to write here. Uhhh... my preferred topics for advice would probably be Fantasy (this is loaded, means I'm going to get ALL the WHFB emails >: so do me a favour and just don't ask! :P), Warmahordes (although I'm pretty new at it), and 40k. I've been playing 40k the longest but play(ed) more WHFB and have done some extensive playing of the new edition (which I've actually stopped playing, but that's cause I have a 40k tourney up and coming and have fallen in love with Warmahordes). If you want more WHFB stuff check out Kirby is delusional if he things I of ALL people wouldn't plug in here.

Ok so, WHFB, Warmahordes, 40k, but only competitive play. It's how I roll,


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