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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Email in: Imperial Guard for Cancon 1750

"Hey all,

I want a reasonably competitive army for Cancon, and almost all of the models here are finished (I need to repaint my Demolisher and buy another Vendetta - I can also run 2x melta vets instead, but I'd need to buy the models and paint which is a pain lol.

Anyway, thoughts, comp, suggestions all welcome. I'm trying to steer away from using the assassin as they'll probably be pulled soon. I'm thinking about adding Rough Riders if I can get them together, and also thinking of a commissar for the little guys.

Also - all the Chimera's have Multilaser/Heavy Bolter, and the tanks have Heavy Bolters - whether or not flamers are better, they are already modelled that way.

I've also realised that I need another squad for my 2nd Vendetta (since the Vendetta was a last minute add-on). What should I do with this? I could drop the Chimera for the plasma vets, but what should I spend the other points on? I'm likely just to waste it on Camo for the vehicles or something.


Primaris Psyker

PBS x6/Chimera

PBS x6/Chimera

Veterans x3 Melta/Chimera

Veterans x2 Plasma/Chimera

Junior Command Squad
- 4x Flamers

Squad, Autocannon, Grenade

Squad, Autocannon, Grenade

Squad, Lascannon, Grenade

- Heavy Bolters

- Heavy Bolters


Demolisher/Lascannon/Plasma Cannons


I'm glad to see you've moved away from the assasin junk. It's nice utility but PBS are good on their own. So with your list replace plasma vets with meltavetas. They are both fine to either run in the Chimeras or Vendettas and the PCS can choose where it goes. I'd make all of your platoons have autocannons and buy them a Commissar if you can and replaced one of the LRs with a Manticore. One Manticore is so-so but two is top notch. If you only have one manticore then that's okay but iirc you had two.

Otherwise a solid IG list though I'd again prefer a CCS over the Primaris. You could do with some more Chimeras but no idea how many points you have spare if any.

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