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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

List Review: Imperial Guard Hybrid

I promised this on Sunday night, but as Kirby posted an IG review I thought I'd hold off for 24 hours and now there are a lot of posts queued up (Kirby gets a holiday!! Even though most of them are by Kirby!!! Not sure what posts you're looking at - t'was Mr fester and AP's posts derp!!!) so it's having to wait a little longer... oh... whilst you're here Kirby, if the link doesn't work, fix it ;)

On Chatbox the other day I was asked to take a look at an IG list for one of the readers. I can't for the life of me remember who it was, but I suppose that's by the by... maybe he'll add his name later.

HQ: CCS - 4 plas, astropath, OotF - Chimera
HQ: Inquisitor Lord: 2 mystics 3warriors /w plasmaguns tarot psychic hood (ride in vets chim)
Elite: PBS 7 strong chimera
Elite: Callidus assassinTroops: PCS 4 flamers (vendetta)
Troop: 30man blob squad 3 autocannons 3 pw 1 commissar
Troop: 2 x Meltavet /w 1 chimera
Fast Attack: 3 x Vendettas
Heavy Support: 2 x Basilisk
Heavy Support: 1 x Manticore

I didn't actually ask what point level the list was at, but a very quick adding up says to me that it's around the 2k mark (I may however be wrong though). With a quick look at the list, it contains the majority of the 'essentials', but a closer look and the list really lacks serious gunline punch. I think it actually breaks the record for the least number of autocannons in a competitive IG list.

Don't think I've missed the inclusion of the Callidus, but I've been asked to keep him/her due to individual importance. The bassys were also a present, so keeping them would be nice.

Trying to keep things on similar lines, but adding some efficiency, what can we achieve??

How about this at 2k...

CCS - Plasma x 2, OotF, Astropath - Chimera - HF - 195
Inquisitor Lord - Psy Hood, Warrior x3 w/ Plasma gun, Mystic x 2 - 137
Psyker Battle Squad (7) - Chimera - 135
Callidus Assasin - 120
PCS - 3 x Melta - 60
3 x Infantry squad - Autocannon, sniper (1 commisar) - 230
3 x Heavy Weapons Squad - 3 x Autocannons - 225
Veterans - 3 x Melta - Chimera - HF - 155
Veterans - 3 x Melta - 100
Vendetta - 130
Vendetta - 130
Vendetta - 130
Basilisk - 125
Basilisk - 125

Although it's nowhere near as armoured as IG can go, it does have 9 hulls which is not shabby. You have far more punch in shooting now with 3 heavy weapon squads (4 including the blob), 3 Vendettas and the 2 Basilisks. On top of that, you have the important advisors, psychic defence, deep-strike defence and 3 triple melta squads. It's still not 100% optimised, but I think will be a lot more scary on the table.

The majority of the points were found from unnecessary upgrades including the power weapons on the blob. If you're planning on having any impact on combat, consider taking Creed, but otherwise, let them do their job of holding and be happy.

Hope that helps. Hopefully some more seasoned IG players will add their 2 cents...

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