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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Email in: The Grim Legion; counts-as BA

"Hey Kirby,

Since the launch of the BA codex I've toyed with the idea of building a Stormraven list, but really did not want to DIY the model. With the release of a kit I've rolled up my sleeves and crafted a list focused on speed and smashing my opponents in the face. Would you mind looking over it and offering your amazing advice?

Amazing? Shucks. With the new model coming out and rumors for the Raven to potentially be added to the other books at some point (when updated?) one would imagine this will be a popular trend. I will be doing an analysis post on them this week (Monday my time most likely) so keep your eyes peeled for that. Let's see what your list brings though.

1 Librarian: w/ JP, Unleashed Rage, Shield
1 Honor Guard: 2x meltagun

2 Sanguinary Priest: w/ JP
1 Furioso Dread: heavy flamer

2 Assault Squad: 10man, 2 meltaguns, powerfist
1 Death Company: 5man
1 Death Company Dread: bloodtalons

1 Land Speeder: 1 multimelta, 1 heavy flamer
1 Land Speeder: 1 multimelta, 1 assault cannon

1 Stormraven: twin-linked multimelta, twin-linked plasma cannon, hurricane bolters
1 Stormraven: twin-linked multimelta, twin-linked lascannon, hurricane bolters

Looks alright overall though I think the Stormravens are carrying too much which is a common malady. You've got the Raven + squad inside + Dreadnought all in one really. Otherwise the ASM/Priest/Libby are all nice with the Speeders + Ravens bringing mobile saturation.

The idea is to have my HQ + Honor Guard in one Stormraven with the Death Company in the other. The entire army can be reserved depending on the opponent or if I go second. If I go first I can deploy the Stormravens and Land Speeders in the middle of the board and move flat out to whatever part of the board I wish to unload my Dreads and passengers on. The Assault Squads could be combat squaded unless against a horde army. Any thoughts?



As again, too much in the Stormravens IMO. I'll cover this more in the specific post but I think trying to run a Dread + Assault unit + Stormraven is generally a bad idea unless you can run three of them and even then it's a bit of one-dimensional list which relies a bit on reserves when not going first. I'd prefer to see you drop the DC + DC Dread, double up the Furioso Dreads and either run the ASM/Honor Guard in Rhinos/Razorbacks or add Jump Packs to the Honor Guard. The JP option keeps your army fully capable of reserving whilst the Rhino/Razorback option gives you more armor saturation. Either way I'd look to get some more Speeders and ensure they are all outfitted with MM/HF and change the Stormravens to have extra armor.

Not sure what points level this is either so 20 ASM might be a bit light on scoring. If it's 1750+ (which I imagine it is) I'd look at also adding a 5-man ASM squad w/meltagun, infernous pistol, hand-flamer, melta-bomb to improve your scoring presence as well.

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