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Friday, February 11, 2011

Email in: SM mech list

"Hey guys,

Been reading the blog for a little while now and in spite of being into small time local battles I'm really getting into the advice on here.

Right, down to business. I played way back in 2nd when I was a kid but recently got back into the hobby for painting and modelling. My dad and bro decided they wanted in on the action and so we started playing a few battles. I've been playing Tau and SM and have finally decided that my marines are going to be mechanized! So I'm writing to you to see if the list is going to take me places and give me the strength to take on drop podding Wolves (9 times out of 10 with Najaal) and the dakka to mush Eldar and Guard.

A recurring player! Always good to hear of players from previous editions coming back :). Maybe it implies Games Workshop is doing something right... Glad you're enjoying the blog as well, make sure your bro and father read it too! Level the playing field and all ^^.

So here's the list at 1500 points, tactics will be mostly water based:


3x 10 tactical marines, HB, Melta, Rhino
2x 5 Vanguard Vets, Las/Plas Razorback,

3x Predators AC/LC

Chaplain isn't really adding anything and the VV are better off being Sternguard. The Sternguard get the bonus of their special bolter ammo and access to special weapons whilst VV are basically expensive Marines without access to specials. 30 Tacticals at 1500 points is quite a lot. I'd consider going for 2x10x Marines and taking either the multi-melta or missile launcher compared to the Heavy Bolter. This gives you extra range and punch against tanks. From there we look at the ACLC Preds. These guys are great in terms of their price and firepower but are very static. Dropping them down to ACHB Preds gives you a lot of anti-infantry firepower but less opportunity cost when you move (and you will move) and frees up points to take the likes of Attack Bikes or Land Speeders to give you access to mobile MMs.

I think I have redundancy and universality covered but I'm not sure that I'll have the strength to neutralize high AP or to saturate low AP. I've gone for the HB to conserve points but also to hit MEQs hard ... I understand mathhammer but the way I roll 1s the more hits the better! The vanguards will roll vanilla with no special kit in order to get my bodies on the field and more attacks when it counts. All input is appreciated so feel free to rip me to shreds.


The Fire Priest"

The ML/MM are the same price as the HB in the Tactical marines and really are much better options and by downing the Preds to ACHB you still have a lot of dice to throw :P. Moving the VV to Sternguard gives you options in being able to take combi-meltas/heavy flamers/etc which gives you more firepower (always useful) and in conjunction with a Libby (replace the Chaplain with a Libby btw) works quite well as a delivery platform. You might want to consider replacing their transports with Rhinos but LasPlas is passable as well. You don't have as much combat power with them but the VV weren't bringing much either. The Chaplain isn't too flash an HQ which is why we are replacing him. Re-rolls to hit + fearless are a nice bonus but not really needed in the SM army, particularly yours. On the other hand a Libby always provides some utility with spells like Avenger, Null Zone and Gate whilst providing psychic defenses.

With the extra points taking Attack Bikes or Land Speeders gives you mobile MMs which cover up for the loss of ranged firepower by downgrading the Predators.

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