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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wayland offer & Dice

For those of you who read the update at the top, Wayland has a 5% extra off any Games Workshop orders over 50 pounds. Simply type in WAYBANE to the discounts box and you save money. Win/win/win.

So dice. I need actual numbers for who wants dice and how many. There are two ways we can do this and I'll most likely end up doing it from Chessix. I can do a bulk order which means you guys pay now and the more people who get some and the more dice we buy, the cheaper they end up being (i.e. 50c a die). Issue is here I then need to ship them out to guys which adds the price a little bit as I need to pay for shipping to me and then to you. However, since they are only dice S&H shouldn't be too expensive.

The other way we can do is I set up a store and you can order them any time you want. Here though you are looking ~$1 a die just for them to be made as they are not being mass produced. I could bulk order in 500-1000 dice myself and then ship them out when people place an order which would make it cheaper overall but I then take a risk in that I may end up with an excess of dice plus I don't really have that kind of cash lying around.

What I'd really like to do then is option one where I bulk order based upon demand. I would open a page for 4-6 weeks and individuals could place their orders. I would then work out the cost, send out invoices and you could pay via paypal. This should hopefully make it as cheap as possible for you and isn't going to leave me out of pocket. However the issue here is people need to be realistic and not back out. If we have a lot of people back out after I sent out invoices everything could get screwed around.

Anyway, do people agree with my assessment and are you happy to do this? If so can we see a preliminary number of people (and dice numbers) who are interested in buying please.

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