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Monday, March 14, 2011

Interview today

So I'm not posting anything this morning. Maybe VT2 will start posting something rather than Gav hate posts =D. I've been fiddling around with the list I posted up before to try and shore up the scoring ability but haven't really gotten anywhere. I get lists I think but which are based upon 30 T3/5+ guys in tanks as my full scoring. GKs are obviously much more survivable than Henchmen but 10-man squads are very expensive (260) whilst a Grand Master would also provide some utility (Psychic Communion) and the ability to hand out some important USRs (scoring Purifiers), at 1850 points he's not exactly a synch to squeeze in. Anyway still working within the basis of 3x Purifiers and 3x Psyfledreads as my base which basically leaves me 800 points for everything else. Chuck any ideas out there.

Also something I missed was Coatez has sanctuary. Rocking 3+ cover on vehicles :).

Anyway will post some more when I get back later this morning but long drive there and back. The things we do for money (hopefully).

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