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Monday, March 21, 2011

Stormshields from Chapterhouse Studios

Thanks to the lovely chaps at Chapterhouse Studios, I now have 10 Stormshields to play around with! I was excpecting these in resin so was quite happy for them to come in metal/pewter (and upon re-reading the description I would of known this but surprises are nice!). The casting is excellent on all of them and there is very little I need to actually scrap off to prepare these guys. I'm going to wash them and spray them when the rain stops (it's now my turn to enjoy some flash flooding >.<; bloody Australia) and now I'll just have to figure out a reason why I've modelled 10 stormshields on models that most likely won't be using them! Or write an army list which uses 10 stormshields...

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