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Monday, March 21, 2011

Email in: SM 1750 list

"Hey Kirby it's BrPat.

This is my SM 1750 list. I'm participating in an ongoing tournament over 2 months. We're allowed 2 lists... here is my propisition for one of them:


Librarian: TA, SS, NZ
Librarian: GoI


5 ATs
LRR with EA MM

7 Sternguard with 7 combimeltas


Tac Squad with MM, Flamer, Rhino. Seargent with Combi-Melta

Tac Squad with MM, Flamer, Rhino. Seargent with Combi-Melta

Scout Squad with 8 Men, sniper rifles, camo cloaks ML

Fast Attack

3 Scoutbikers: locator beacon, combi melta

Atack Bike with MM

Attack Bike with MM

Notes: One librarian rides with the Termies in the LRR, other (GoI one) with the Sternguard. The Scout bikers are there for more reliable GoI."

You've only got one tank in this army which is going to be a huge target for anyone. That one tank is also very oriented towards being a 'close-in' tank and any immobilisation result at range is going to really limit it. I'd look to change that. Otherwise you're relying on the Gate of Infinity + locator beacon concept to make the majority of your army tick and basically hope your opponent cannot deal with a TH/SS squad. GoI as an army function can work but you need more than just a single locator beacon and more than a single scary squad to jump forward. Some of the best ways to bring locator beacons are Drop Pods but those are obviously expensive.

Outside of that I think I'd look at getting more mechanised aspects. Rhinos for example for the Tacs + Sternguard, Land Speeders instead of Attack Bikes, Predators + Dreadnoughts, etc. Foot SM aren't really too flash and with an army based off what is essentially a gimmick with on locator beacon, you're going to have a hard time busting open tanks and are relying a lot on your Terminators + Land raider to then kill infantry.

Without sounding harsh I think you need to head back to the drawing board with what you want the list to do. Is it based upon your model limitations and if so what do you have & what are you willing to buy?

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