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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Email in: GK List Review Request

"Hello Kirby, long time lurker looking for list advice for Grey Knights. I'm very excited at using GK Terminators as troops and so I'd like to know what you guys think about this list!

It's got lots of psycannons, lots of hammers, lots of halberds. On the purifiers I wanted more of a charge deterrent instead of a shooty/assaulty unit. Hordes are welcome to charge them, they're in for all kinds of fun.

On the terminators I decided with 4 halberds and the justicar with the MC Hammer. Yes I don't get to fudge around with wound allocation but I prefer the I6 over the swords or falchions.

The Razorbacks get considerable range and the ability to threaten most kinds of infantry and light tanks for less than the cost of a chimera. Losing one also doesn't significantly weaken my firepower(3 S6 shots vs. 4 S7 rending shots at almost double cost).

The Libby has a variety of powers that buff and debuff, as well as using summoning shenanigans if I need to get a squad out of anywhere or onto an objective.

The dreadnoughts are there because they're awesome. :p

Thoughts? Criticism? Thanks for your time!

I'm not a fan of GKT I'm afraid. I love shootynators in the correct lists and not sure the GKT really fill the same role for a GKT list which is much more mid-field oriented. That being said, they certainly aren't bad units and do provide combat ability, extra durability in midfield (particularly with Shrouding) and combat potential. The problem is, in combat what they don't kill will often hurt them pretty hard as well since they only have a 5++. Anyway let's see what you've got for us!

At 2000 points, here it is.
Librarian, The Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titan, The Summoning, Teleport Homer

2x[Purifier Squad, 2xPsycannon, 2xDaemon Hammer, Razorback w/Psybolt Ammunition and TL-Heavy Bolters]

3x[Terminator Squad, Psycannon, 4xHalberd, Master-Crafted Daemon Hammer]

2x[Strike Squad, Psycannon, Razorback w/Psybolt Ammunition]

3x[Dreadnought, Psybolt Ammunition, 2xTL-Autocannon]

Total: 2000


Overall solid with the concept you have in mind. I might change a few things up like Hammer + Halberds on the Purifiers rather than 2x Hammer and look to get some Servo Skulls for the Librarian. Being able to reliably deepstrike your Terminators if needed + the ability to screw over scouts/infiltrators is a great bonus to have. Outside of that everything is efficient and well built. My only qualm is going to be with the GKT v Psyback differences. The Psybacks really want to move forward 12" T1 and dump their cargo more often than not so you have all those Psycannons in midfield which leaves the GKT behind (and then only leaves 4 tanks in midfield).

You can of course slow down to keep the army together but then you lose firepower for a turn so it becomes a trade-off which may be hard to manage to get the full effectiveness out of the list. I think this handicaps the list but is certainly manageable and fits the theme you want.

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