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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post Changes

Over the past few days I've changed the number of posts down to roughly 3 a day. This is down from 4-6/day with fewer coming on the weekend. I've noticed the past couple of weeks I've been spending most of my free time on the blog either organising something or other and getting posts setup, etc. I'm sure my authors have been annoyed at this slightly as every time I see them *pokepokepoke* lol. I think this is in part to not having a bunch of e-mails to respond to anyone since I generally respond to most of them personally now (again, if you don't hear from me in two weeks either on the blog or via e-mail, contact me please!).

Anyway, with the decrease in e-mail content (which is a good thing I believe) I think going to 3-4 posts a day is more feasible and profitable for everyone. I'm sure there are times when it will jump back up (i.e. codex releases) and it'll probably be a bit lower on the weekend but this allows us to work more seamlessly and me to actually have some spare time!

I'll try and keep the midday Australian slot (i.e. this one) free for the less important stuff and use the morning and evening Australian slots (generally when the Americans wake up or go to bed) for the 'major' posts since that's where the majority of the readers are. Europeans will get a this type of night post more often than not I'm afraid unless TKE/BroLo/Rupert want to volunteer their nights ^^.

I've also got a new computer finally so my hard drive being crammed full of stuff should be less of an issue in the coming weeks!

Oh and if there's anything you'd like to see over the coming weeks let me know. I'll be hopefully doing a lot of painting with an airbrush but have planned to finish the DE and Tau Reviews and start the GK Armies in 5th series. An IG codex review/Armies in 5th isn't out of the question either as I think there were some comments in this regard previously. VT2 and SirBiscuit are still working hard on the GK Review so that'll be out soon.

I'm assuming you'd all like more bat-reps with analysis? Will try and get some more of those in and I do have a BA Jumper v Nids one half-completed. Anyway, anything else just let us know!

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