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Friday, April 15, 2011

Chaos Space Marines Codex Review: Fast Attack

This one will be short, but that's not really our fault. To tell you the truth: I was about to start writing on the Heavy Support section when I suddenly realised we didn't do the Fast Attack yet... And no, that's not because we're looking foward to the HS review. Allright, let's not make this any longer than necessary.

Chaos Bikers

VT2: Delicious, suicidal bikers.
No longer get a badass blurb in the codex.

3 bikes, 2 meltaguns = 119 points.
Terminators still only cost 105.

Don't take this unit.

Zjoekov: The only thing what is really wrong with this unit (from a competitive point of view) is its cost. It's a shame though as this unit would have helped the codex to a great deal if it was priced properly. What it does, it does well: Suicide-melta and if that fails they still function as another target which you can force your oppenent to deal with right away.
Another comparison, with the Vanilla codex again:
2 MM attack bikes. 100 points.
2 Speeders with MM. 120 points.

Yes you Chaos loving players, you are yet again allowed to cry.

Let's see, what have we got more apart from the obvious melta role. We got... the same options as CSM basicly. Actually, these guys are just CSM on bikes. This automaticly means they come with all the problems they have, such as the Leadership issue and the fact that you aren't that hot in close combat. No, T5 doesn't change this. Did we mention that the Bikers cost 33 points each? Other roles than the suicide 3 man squads with 2 special weapons I can't see.

Oh wait, you can pretent some sort of Deamon Bomb is still possible by sticking a champion in the squad. Then you turboboost forward and pray that the Greater Deamon comes when you want him to come. What do you say? That's bad? Of course it is silly, this is 5th edition Chaos with a bland 4th edition codex!

I'm not even going to provide you with an alternative setup here, there simply isn't one. Well allright let's give our Biker Lord/Sorcerer which you all took a 'tough' retinue:
8 Bikes, Mark of Nurgle, 2 meltaguns, champion with powerfist. 374 points.
And no, I'm afraid the points total is not a typo. (I actually calculated it 2 times to be sure of this)

Verdict: The 3 man suicide squad is a bit overpriced in a book which is full of overpriced stuff. Pitty, would have loved these guys to cost around 95 points, then I'd take them. Mind you: They would not have been brilliant then, but good enough.

Chaos Raptors

VT2: The only FA unit that functions. Lost ALL their special rules. They can't even use hit-and-run now.
The unit is worse than vanilla assault mairnes - and those are terrible. Assault marines, terrible as they are, have three special rules and cost 2 points less per dude.
Raptors don't have that.

5 raptors, 2 meltaguns. 120 points.

Passable unit.
Yeah, this book is dire.

Zjoekov: Now why does VT2 (and I agree) rate this unit above the Bikers? They have the option to deepstrike, instead of the option to turboboost. This is indeed slightly better as it prevents getting shot off the board when you really need to try and get those melta shots in. Survivability doesn't matter that much, they are pretty equal in that respect. I'd advice to take 2 of these if you want them, as 1 isn't really that reliable and you do give them a pretty specific job which you want to be done succesfully.

As the other options are concerned: Apply the things we said about CSM and Bikers here and you should be able suit yourself. Yes, they are indeed CSM with a Jump Pack, did you expect anything else? I guess not eh?

Verdict: It's an alternative to the Terminator suicide squads. You lose a bit of combat potential and 1 shot, but gain the option to get more melta shots off during the game (Terminators have combi-weapons remember?) and the option to start on the board with better mobility. You pay 15 points more for this. Your call.

Chaos Spawn

VT2: Stupid, slow, rages, paper durability. No, Gav.
You can have as many of these in your army as your spikey heart desires.
"Mmmmm, 40 spawn, tentacle-raping all the Space Wolves! Oh? What's that? Forty points per model?! Fuck you, Gav!"

Pass on this abomination.

Zjoekov: Aight, if you got tears left, start crying again. This unit gets mentioned quite a lot in those lovely "What is the worst unit in 40k?" threads. Is there something possitive about them? Well... they are S5 and T5.
Oh oh! Another fun comparison:
1 Spawn. 40 points.
1 Thunderwolf. 50 points.
Haha, at least the Spawn is cheaper. How many attacks has the Spawn got? Random of course, d6. I wouldn't be surprised if they really tried to design the worst unit ever here.
What roles can you give them: Some sort of Speedbump I guess, an uncontrollable one that is, which gives your oppenent a chance to get some 'free' consolidation moves off. Yeah baby.

Verdict: Great unit, buy 40 of these, go and have some fun while you try to win that 'best sportmanship' award! /sarcasim


Bikers are an overpriced suicide unit. Raptors do the same, but a bit better and therefore they are more acceptable, still far from great though. Spawn are hilariously bad.

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