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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Razorback Conversion

So I'm finally putting the finishing touches on one of my scratch built Razorback turrets. I'm using the ones that come with the Razorback kit but I've only got two of those so have had to make separate ones for my Rhinos or Predators when I want to use them as Razorbacks. I used plasticard, greenstuff, a bunch of stuff from the Ravenwing sprues (in this series you can see Assault Cannons and Heavy Bolters) and of course magnets!

I've gone for a boxy look which is a bit different from the Razorback kit itself but wasn't too difficult to do. A few touch-ups needed such as filing when the green stuff fully dries and get rid of the mould lines on the unpainted turret but pretty much done otherwise I believe. Magnet underneath makes for easy change of weapons/representing weapon destroyed results and the whole turret comes off for transporting purposes.

Overall I'm quite happy with I just need to do more =/. I've added some pictures at the end with a squad of Marines a well. Oh happy thoughts. 

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