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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tau FAQ Updated

Hi lads and ladies.

Just a quick one - this was brought to my attention by Eltnot, and I haven't seen much chin wag about it so here it is -

Pretty much the highlight of the FAQ (as a non-Tau player, anyway).

Q: Are gun drones that have been detached from a vehicle able to contest objectives and do they give away kill points? (p30)
A: Yes to both questions

Q: What happens to the gun drones on a vehicle if the
vehicle is destroyed? (p30)
A: The gun drones will be destroyed along with the
vehicle. Note that they do not give away an additional kill point as they have not been detached from the vehicle.

Seeker missiles have also been changed and Piranhas now have to take the same upgrades on each vehicle in the unit. The option of no KPs for Gun Drones on vehicles though is very nice as bare bones Fish are now less of a liability. 

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