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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3++ Dice and Bags - Ready to rumble

Okay cherubs, I've got the pricing down for the 3++ dice and dice bags and they are up for pre-sale. You can order them through PayPal and there are three different colors to choose from. There are different quantities you can buy, each one cheaper than the previous in terms of cost per unit with the 36 dice costing 72c a die. Buying dice + bag at the same time also gives you a further price break. Shipping and handling is included within purchase price. ALL PRICES ARE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. PayPal does the conversion rates for you automatically.

There is unfortunately a catch, I'm not ordering these until certain numbers of purchases are reached. I think this should be relatively easy with the dice (around 300 dice or around 11 people buying maximum dice) but with the dice bags...that's another issue. To get the price break I need to order 100 of these guys and I'm not willing to drop that investment until about 60-70 have been sold. If this range is not reached, the bags become $5 more expensive and you as the buyer will be contacted if you would like to purchase it still. If not a refund will be issued for the dice bag.

The sooner everyone puts their orders in then the sooner I can order the dice and bags and send them out to everyone.

Remember, I'm not trying to make a massive profit on these products but rather get 3++ up and running on a dedicated web server and potentially sponsor 3++ based tournaments, competitions, etc.

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