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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 1 Event Horizon Wrap-up

So the big news is I made it to Day 2. The bigger news is how much I fail. I'm going into Day 2 as one of the top seeded 2-1 players but I made the biggest error ever in the final game. The game was just bad for me and Wayne (my opponent) had done well to put me on the back foot and it looked like a crushing victory to him but I was able to claw back in Turns 4 & 5 to tie on Kill Points, push Wayne into his side of the board (i.e. tie on Quarters) and then hold the middle for a 3-2 objective victory. But I didn't nudge one of my back squads less than half and inch back (and yes they could move) to make sure they were within objective range. They weren't so I lost on VP (by a lot) but luckily made it to Day 2! Phew.

In other news. Each of the opposing armies was...Imperial Guard. Lame! I was seeded first heading into round 2 and then 2nd heading into round 3 and am 6th currently (assuming nothing has changed since I left Dennis to his computer) with 8 players going into Day 2.

Vince lost his last game by a narrow margin (went 2-1). Rawrtime also went 2-1 and Kyle (Wolf's Lunch) won his first ever tournament game. w00t! I think Vince or an Eldar player will take best painted (this Eldar army is amazing...I'll get pictures tomorrow) but no idea on Overall winners atm (Vince would be up there I think).

Anywho I've gotten some good pictures of most of the games so far so should have some good battle reports. Dennis has done a great job running the show so far and the terrain has been pretty good that I've played on with a fair amount of LoS blocking terrain.

I look forward to tomorrow and will update you with any information coming my way (I've asked Dennis to let me know what armies are in the top 8).

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