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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Event Horizon Results

Here is the print out of the Overall results which Dennis has sent me. I've highlighted the 3++ regulars in pink and the top 5 in each category in yellow so you don't. When you look at the battle points there are little clumps for how many wins each person has which is good in that respect though Dennis is thinking a less extreme system of BP scoring for next time. For reference it went like this for 2011 EH:

Win = 8 BP
Win for each mission criteria = 2 BP
Draw for each mission criteria = 1 BP
Loss for each mission criteria = 0 BP

So if you won everything, you'd get 16 BP but it wouldn't show whether or not it was a win by the skin of your teeth (i.e. 1-0 objectives, 1-0 TQ, 10-7 KP, up by 50 VP) and could often give the loser of super close games (i.e. draw, draw, draw, winner by small margin of VP) only 3 BP whilst the winner would get 13 BP. Anyway food for thought for next time or other events run like this but it did it's job in separating players into their respective brackets in terms of wins compared to losses.

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