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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Email in: Freshing up my Salamanders

"Hello Kirby,
It's me again. Samuel from Italy.
First, thank you again for your priceless advices on my BA jump/hybrid list. The list is running VERY, VERY well!
I came again to submit a classical SM list to you. This list is based on the Salamanders chapter, for a total of 1850 points.

Vulkan He'Stan 190
Tactical squad A (combat squad) 10 marines, flamer, lascannon, power fist 210
Tactical squad B 0 marines, meltagun, multimelta, power fist 200

Terminator Assalut Squad 5x thunder hammer & storm shield 200
Sternguard Veteran Squad 3 combimelta, 2 heavy flamer 160
Ironclad dreadnought heavy flamer, 2 hunter killer missiles 165
Razorback (squad A) lascannon, linked plasmagun, dozer blade 80
Rhino (squad B) 35
Drop pod (for Sternguard) 35
Land Rider crusader (Terminators) multimelta, extra armour 275
Predator laser sponsoons 120
Thunderfire Cannon 100

TOTAL 1850

Looking at it, I'm fairly satisfied. However, I fear there are not enough scoring units. Your opinion?
Thank you, as always.

Sir Biscuit says Thunderfire Cannons only work when you field them in sixes. He's being rude. And sounds annoying.

You're not really taking maximum advantage of Vulkan's ability and the rest of the army seems a jumble of units around it. The Tacticals really need Rhinos (rather than the Rhino + Razorback) and shouldn't be taking Power Fists. If you're running Vulkan you want to look at the Flamer/MM combination as well and probably a combi-weapon of some sort. The Sternguard are nice but in a Drop Pod are pretty much a suicide unit. I'd rather see two of these squads in Rhinos or Razorbacks over the single Drop Pod and Ironclad.

The single TH/SS squad is also going to be a big target for your opponent. If you're not going hyper competitive one of these is fine but otherwise Vulkan + Terminators + LRC = huge target for your opponent. And from there you need to support this rather large rock. The Tac squads and Sternguard are fine for this but I'd then be looking at Preds and Speeders to get more targets onto the board. Things like Typhoons or MM/HF Speeders and Dakka Preds rather than the ACLC Pred and Thunderfire Cannon which are both a bit static. Attack Bikes w/MMs are also a great choice who can hide behind Rhinos/Razorbacks/Raider and then pop out with twin-linked MM shots.

That's of course if you're going in the more competitive direction but I'd still look at replacing the Thunderfire Cannon with something else. Otherwise I guess it depends on how much you're willing to change in terms of monetary commitments. If not much, then the setup of most units is fine (though look to drop the PFists and grab 2x Rhinos + more melta/flamer weaponry).

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