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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dice Order

For those of you whom are unaware, the dice order was placed a while back. Joy I know! 1200 dice were ordered with around 1100 confirmed ordered along with 50 dice bags and 33 confirmed orders so there are a few leftover if anyone is still interested. Two things.

The first is a bit of bad news. Unfortunately the order has been delayed a couple of weeks due to the order size (I think they were only expecting around 500 from us!) and it's looking more like a late June/early July arrival at this point. Sorry! I will do my best to get them to you as quickly as possible never fear.

Secondly, what this means is we got enough numbers to do another order later in the year/early next year for the dice with the actual 3++ on them (which were a minimum of 1000 dice). I won't do this for a while obviously but will remind everyone when the time is nigh to ensure there is enough interest to generate 1000 unit sales. I'll see if we can do colors other than just pink though, so keep in mind what color you might like. I'm still working on other merchandise am such as 3++ objectives and t-shirts as well.

Anyway that's all for now. I should finish up the final two battle reports for Event Horizon this week and then get back to 'regular' blogging as I'm sure many of you are sick of Grey Knights by now :P.

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