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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A new article series: Fallacy 40k?

A couple days before Event Horizon whilst I was busy painting there was some conversation going on in the chatbawks (as it does) between Mike and an anon (with a bunch of peanut gallery junkies chiming in :P). It raised a lot of points in how armies should be played, particularly the popular Internet 'unbeatables' such as Meltavet Guard, RazorWolves, Dual Lash, Fatecrusher, etc. Whilst not all of these are competitive or even remotely good, there seems to be a large amount of misunderstanding on how they operate or how they should operate.

What this article series is going to look at is some common misconceptions or fallacies out there. Whether it's something like "having the first turn is always better than the 2nd" or something more specific such as how suicide melta should be played. This should combine well with the Back-to-Basics articles to clear up some assumed knowledge and slap any wrists of those who are doing it wrong *evil grin.*

If there is anything you think I should cover with these series let me know. For the moment the topics I have are:

  • using suicide melta
  • 1st turn =/= autowin
  • benefits of going 2nd
  • trading units
Hit it up in the comments or with an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.

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