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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Warpshadow: contest sponsored by sofacoin

Heya, Kirbs/etc. It's sofacoin from the chatterbox.

I don't want my third (unopened, still sealed) Trygon- when am I gonna use three? Apoc? I'll just buy one a week before play, then- so I'm donating it to the Warpshadow website, and Hive Node is, in turn, going to put it towards a contest of my choosing.

So, I've chosen this- Convert up at least one minimum-sized or bigger brood of Termagants, Hormagaunts, Gargoyles (at least 10 models), Genestealers, Ymgarl Genestealers (at least 5 models), Warriors, or Shrikes (at least 3 models). New conversions only, please; painting's nice, but not essential. It must be converted, and the more it's converted, the better!
The full announcement will be on Warpshadow sometime soon-- I'd like to extend an inviting hand to any 3++ readers who'd care to enter.
Specifically, a Broodlord can be included as one of the five Genestealers; no, a Tervigon with ten gaunts sticking out of it is NOT a legal choice, goddamnit.

The contest is open to anyone, and will be hosted by Warpshadow. Registering is, of course, as free and easy as joining any forum. The modelling, not so much!

Feel free to announce as you wish on your wonderful blog. Many thanks!
- sofacoin

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