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Sunday, June 26, 2011

What do you want...

Been a busy past several days I'm afraid so haven't been able to put much together (though some brilliant management go posted organised from Wednesday night to Saturday morning :)). With that in mind I'll open the floor for some feedback and any requests.

Currently in the works from my end are the Imperial Guard Codex Review, finishing off the Grey Knights Armies in 5th posts, some progress pictures of my Grey Knights (they are going to two more tournaments in September hopefully) and the Fallacy 40k posts. I've also had some requests to do a breaking bubble-wrap post and some on tank shocking so I'll whip them up in back to basic article formats ASAP. Anything else people want to see specifically or from other authors? VT2 assures me he is working on the Grey Knight codex review (to the dismay and joy of everyone) so we may see a post on them one day. I'm also aiming to get some GK versus BA games in between Vince and myself to highlight some of the things we've been talking about regarding these armies of late.

Anywho, the floor is open so have at it.

P.S. Dice order is trucking along but no word on ETA I'm afraid! Sorry :(.

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