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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Email in: GK 2k Dual Stormraven List

"Hi Kirby,

Love the blog and I learn a lot from the various characters you host as authors.

I’m a veteran 40k’er from all the way back to RT days. I’m pretty good on the table but I’m not a fantastic list builder. I realize you and your followers are probably sick of the Shiny Marines by now but I haven’t yet seen a GK list on your blog that features multiple Stormravens.

After trying a few iterations of PAGK and/or Purifiers with two Stormravens I kept feeling like I just didn’t have enough support following up the rush. So I settled on a Coteaz/henchmen build. I would be interested in any suggestions to do this type of a list without resorting to henchmen spam.
 The list:

Libby – 5 powers

2 x Stormraven TLMM, TLAssault Cannon
2 x Venerable Dreads x MM, Heavy Flamer

3 x Psiflemen Dreads

2 x Henchmen Squad – 5 x Acolytes, Razorback – TLAssault Cannon, Psybolt

2 x Henchmen Squad – 5 x Acolytes, Razorback – TLHeavy Bolter, Psybolt

Henchmen Squad – 5 Crusaders, 4 DCA, Chimera Heavy Flamer

Hopefully I get the first turn, but I’m a bit worried about this aspect and have considered trading the Libby for a Grand Master and his Communion/Reserves Manipulation in case I don’t, but it’s a tough call giving up the Swiss Army Libby.

The Ven Dreds would ride the Ravens and likely whatever GK HQ I choose (and Coteaz) would ride with the melee henchmen squad in their Chimera. Past that I think how the list would operate should be pretty straight forward.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Considering what you want the list to do you've got all the tools there. However, the Passbacks aren't that hot being expensive and whilst Fortitude is great to keep them shooting, anything but a shaken/stunned result on them hurts a lot due to only 24" range (obviously the later the immob result here the better but early immobs = bad). With that in mind I'd simply change these to Psybacks like the other henchmen squads which saves you quite a few points.

The problem I have with your Troops is they are easy to kill and you don't have a ton of targets to overwhelm your opponent with. To overcome this you need to present your opponent with a bunch of other targets and you're not really doing that with this list. How though is the question. I probably wouldn't take the Ven Dreads in the Stormravens to be honest. Unlike Furiosos they don't have front AV13 nor those extra attacks which makes them far less effective in combat. Great tarpits but worthy of a 205 point transport? Not really. I'd rather see DCA/Crusaders in there even though there are no frag launchers for them to take advantage of. A squad of ~10 each is going to save you some points compared to the Ven Dreads and then I'd look to be running either tiny tiny Acolyte squads in Razorbacks or 5-6 strong with Stormbolters. Use all spare points to get some Purifiers in Psybacks as well which gives you some Psycannons and more targets as well.

To do this you're most likely going to have to lose the Libby but you need those Purifiers around the AcolyteBacks to present lots of targets to your  opponent whilst the DCA/Crusaders in the Stormravens present a combat threat. Another Inquisitor with Grenades/Communion isn't going to hurt either if you have the points.

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