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Saturday, July 2, 2011

3++con - Testing the waters

So it looks like we are serious getting a 3++con rolling. Still very early on at the moment so we have no idea about time or place though we do have some ideas which we'll lay down here. What I'd for this post to be about is not only to lay down some of the vaguest of outlines in regards to what the tournament and missions will be like but to identify the number of people interested. Now I know one cannot give a 100% definte answer, especially without exact dates, etc. but if you are seriously interested in coming if all goes well, please let us know here.

Again, minimal information but we'd be looking to have it late 2011 or early 2012 (not late December-early Jan obviously) at roughly $50 a head in Sydney. Vague I know :).

It would be a win/loss format with tiered missions as in NOVA with a pairing system based on number of wins and margin of victory determining match ups within each win bracket (so same as Event Horizon, NOVA). The missions will be roughly the same but with some potential changes. The three main tier missions will be the same: margin Kill Points, 5 Objectives, Table Quarters with victory conditions explained below.

  • Kill Points is marginal so to win on this parameter you need at least three more KP than your opponent
  • Table Quarters is based upon number of Victory Points within the individual quarters based upon 5th edition Victory Point rules. However, Troop units will ALWAYS count as full Victory Points unless falling back.
  • The major change - Objectives. Troops will still be the only unit which can hold an objective but rather than a straight hold or contested, I'm proposing something similar to Table Quarters. I believe Stelek may have talked about this long ago but not sure. Anywho, you will own an objective if you have a Troop unit on said objective and more 'points' than your opponent. For each unit within 3" of the objective you will gain one point whilst Troop units give two points. 
  • as always the tiebreaker is Victory Points.
The changes to Table Quarters (used at Event Horizon) brings a further emphasis to Troops which is mildly lost in the tiered missions with Troops having some benefit in two out of every three primaries (hello 5th ed BRB). The changes to Objectives though are quite major and haven't been extensively play-tested so may or may not actually be what we decide upon. I'd love feedback on this and if anyone wants to start playtesting it, go for it. In theory it should limit last turn contesting to an extent and force players to play with the objectives in mind for the whole game. On the other hand, it might benefit armies who go first too much. Whether or not it needs tweaking or simply scrapping all together, we shall see.

Continuing. The weekend would be six games each and we'd need serious help with terrain/tables. We haven't really approached anyone yet and we know there are some who can help us but if you're in the area and want to help, that would be greatly appreciated. Also any venues... I was planning on having it up on the Northern Beaches where I currently live but public transport to the area is crap so not great for out-of-the-city players.

So the ball is rolling. Initial feedback, wants, not-wants, interest, help, etc. all appreciated. Let's change the paradigm of tournaments kids :).

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