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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forgeworld: CONTEMPTOR(!) PATTERN(!) DREADNOUGHT(!) review.

It's some kind of ugly dread. I say 'ugly,' because it doesn't look at all like the boxes with stilts of the last 30 years.
So is it a good walker?

Let's not get our hopes up, shall we?

It's a...a...

A fucking eggwalker!?

Sure - okay.

Stats: WS 'combat competent, BS 'marine,' S 'Björn the failhanded,' I 'Eldar guardian,' A 'marine sarge.' Not impressive.
Armor-wise, it's a blood angel furioso, with one more bip of rear armor. *yawns*

Mmm, guns, guns. Everybody loves guns. *snore*
Blah, blah, starts with a linked heavy bolter, blah. Rebalanced basic dread loudouts, blah. Crossed 'mystery weapons (protip: thunderfire and conversion beamer). Nothing of interest here.

You can swap your free linked heavy bolter with another dread implement, stock with stormbolter, or swap it for heavy flamer/X/Y (protip: meltagun, plasmagun).

For nothing, it can have a searchlight. For 15 (stupid), it can have extra armor. For X it can have [secret] (protip: GK personal teleporter).

"Oh, come on! There's gotta be more to this shit! Please. PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! POINT AT THE MORE!"
And I was snoozing so nicely. Fine.
It has a 5++ against ranged attacks, which is reduced to 6++ in combat. G.....reat? Oh, if you explode, add +1 to any explosion range.
Yeah, as if that wasn't awesome enough, it has fleet! ZOMG! Now you, too, can go running into combat with 3 base attacks.

Great. At least it's interesting. Uhh, moderaly.
How much are forgeworld charging for this warjack of theirs? 175 points!?

No, go away. Yes, they want 30 pounds for the body. That's just the body, guys, with no guns, and no bling.

Go buy DEATHJACK instead. Rules for the E.G.G.Walker are available here -> - now hedgehehogs will be the least of your worries.

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