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Friday, July 29, 2011

'Ard Boyz - 2500 USA Tournament

Everyone knows what this is right? The 'ultimate cheese' fest were 'the best players and cheesiest lists' come out to play. We all know that's a load of fudgemuffins but it is a unique opportunity to win some decent loot in the semi-finals (round 2) and play at 2500 points if you live in America. The time of the year is coming round where 'Ard Boyz happens so this weekend I'm going to review all the lists at once. There's not that many but it'll be nice to get them all out of the way so send them in now if you are looking.

First...well there are no missions this time. Apparently they are being handed out on the day. What. The. Fudgemuffins. Hopefully they won't be the meh crap they were last year and maybe they'll just stick to BRB missions so there aren't such terrible issues. They handed them out now and we've already seen Puppy take a look at them. Summary: terrible. It's also a tournament using battle points so you really need to be able to blast your opponent and win convincingly to get into each subsequent round.

So, 2500 is a very unique game level. A lot of armies simply do not scale to this points as many 2000 point lists have already maxed out their Force Organisation Chart. Hard to add 500 points of upgrades. At 2500 points you also have a ton more firepower and I mean a ton. This can really hurt weaker armies like Dark Eldar (who can easily field 14 vehicles at 2000) and goes against rock armies even more. Bring your 20 paladins, they will die.

Let's see what the lists bring then and you may discuss the concept of 'Ard Boyz as you see fit below ^^.

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