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Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Ard Boyz Prelim Scenarios

Welp, it's that time of year again: time to try and win some free prizes off of poorly-designed scenarios. Let's see what kind of nightmare we have in store for us this time around.

They can be found here, for those who want to check them out.

Round 1
Pitched Battle, Kill Points. You give your opponent a "traitor" that is a Marine with W2, I5, and 4+/5++, and the Indepedent Character special rule; he is allowed to join only troop units (at least as I read the rule) and is worth five KP instead of one. Turn 1 has night fighting active.

Extra BP are for killing the enemy's traitor, killing an enemy HQ, controlling more terrain than an opponent, and getting "your" traitor into the enemy deployment zone.

Overall? Kinda dumb, but nothing horrible going on. KP mission right off the bat will be somewhat annoying, but I don't think it will be crippling for me. I'm all but guaranteed to get the BP for controlling terrain (Termagants are good at hiding behind things), I can bounce "my" traitor from squad to squad in order to keep him alive; with 10-16 ablative bodies and the ability to Go to Ground, that makes a tough nut to crack. Night Fight is a nice little bonus for making things easier on me as a non-shooting army.

Round 2
Seize Ground, Spearhead. There are automatically five objectives, one in the center of each quarter and one in the middle of the table. Hrmmm, sounds familiar. "Your" objective is worth one, the "neutral" ones are worth two, and the central objective is worth four. Is your opponent's objective worth anything? Seems unclear. Game is always six turns long, with Night Fight on the final turn only. Oh, and no Infiltrate or Outflank on this mission for some reason.

Extra BP are for controlling all the objectives (seriously?), keeping all your HQs alive, having no enemy units in your deployment zone, and killing all your opponent's HS choices. (If they have none, you always get this one.)

This one also looks pretty good for me- tons of objectives is a very, very nice thing to see around, and I can pretty much guarantee that the central objective will be held or contested by me; the flank objective near "my" board edge is likewise fairly easy. Night Fight on this again? Well, sheee-it, son, I'm liking this more and more. Is the mission balanced? It'd be okay if not for the lack of Infil/Outflank and the weird Night Fight. But will I like it? Hells yes.

Round 3
Victory Points, Dawn of War. One HQ unit, selected at the beginning of the game, is worth double VP. No Infiltrate, random game length again. If you're within 375 VP of the enemy, the game is a draw- this is an important number.

Extra BP are for killing all the enemy troops, keeping your "general" alive, and killing all the enemy FA units (darn.)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but spawned Termagants are worth zero VP, yes? Like Tau Drones, they are a Kill Point, but no Victory Points because no points were paid for them. Assuming that is true... yeeha! All of my units end up being ridiculously tough to get KP off of- they have to do four wounds to each Tervigon, bring down two of the three Carnifexes in a squad, etc. Getting the extra BP may not be terribly easy for me (and I give up one to the enemy automatically by having no FA), but it's a fairly simple thing to overwhelm them on VP alone in this one.

While these aren't great missions, neither are they terrible, and the deck isn't heavily stacked against melee armies the way it is many years. Bar something abominable happening, I can look forward to an easy advancement to the semifinals with these missions.

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