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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Email in: GK Shock list up for discussion

"Hiya Kirby!

Congratulations, your blog is my No. 1 source for list building, amusing articles and general information regarding the WH40k universe!
I recently started my 4th army because I got bored of my space wolves play style. I bought a couple of the new GK minis and I'm currently building and painting up the first squads.

I wanted to try something completely new compared to my wolves so I made an all shock army list with no vehicles at all. I don't play that competitive, we run a small league and do mostly some casual gaming.

Here's what I came up with:

Grand Master
- 3 Servo Skulls

- Power Armor, Power Weapon, 3 Servo Skulls, Pskyer

5 Paladins
- 2 MC Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer, 2 Halberds

Vindicare Assassin

2x 10 PAGK
- 2 Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer

10 Interceptors
- 2 Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer

2x Dreadknight
- Teleporter, Daemonhammer, Heavy Incinerator

1999 points

GM, Inqui, Palas and Vindicare start on board, the big squad will hide till turn two, block the center and cast psychic communion two times. If all works as planned all shocking units should arrive on turn two and start the mess.
My current concerns about this list are the high point costs for the Terminator unit and the low model count. I could drop the vindicare for another 5 Man Unit or two more paladins but I kind of fell in love with this lonely killing machine. :)

Any comments and critics are highly appreciated!

Greetings from Germany,


Dom the list looks fine overall though I think the execution could use some tweaking. You don't need to deepstrike Grey Knights. Not having any mech means you are a bit slower but you still have firepower which you can shoot on the move. I would highly recommend just grabbing Rhinos/Psybacks for every squad for this option but pure foot is fine, particularly with a Grand Master to give you deployment options.

With that in mind I would probably drop the Inquisitor and look to get psybolt ammo on the Strike Squads or more Paladins. The Dreadknights don't really need Daemonhammers either, Great Sword or just the Heavy Incin is fine (and the Heavy Incin isn't that needed with all those stormbolters; nice to have though). I'd also look to get some equipment on the Grand Master. A Halberd + some grenades isn't going to go amiss for example.

All in all a solid list if not hyper competitive but just be careful you don't put too much weight on your ability to deepstrike reliably. Your army shoots well at 24" and doesn't gain a amount from an all reserves perspective (i.e. no melta).

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