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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Menoth & Khador - Thinking Aloud

Okay I'm only about halfway through the rules for Warmachine and have read a fair amount from what has been posted here in response to my posts and around the web. Vince and I look like we are going to get the two-player start battle box when it comes out which is said to include Kreoss, Crusader, Vanquisher and Repenter jacks + a five model Cinerator unit for Menoth. Although I love the Cinerators I probably won't use them on strong recommendations from people I know aren't dunderheads ^^ but will happily paint them up as they look amazing. So here's what I have so far in terms of understanding of Menoth itself.

It's a slow(er), with less shooting and a strong focus on synergy and denial and for that reason, you don't leave home without a Choir (2/3 points) for jack buffing. The Vassal of Menoth (2 points) is also a good buff unit with the Knight Exemplar Errants (5/8 + UA 2) and Temple Flameguard (4/6 + UA 2) both being excellent units on which to base your force. The Vanquisher and Reckoner are the 'go to' jacks of choice for Menoth at 8 points each with Basitons (5/8) being the better unit over Cinerators thanks to Sanguine Bond and reach whilst not being uber fantastic themselves.

So here are some more specific questions (and of course mention if anything above is wrong). I am happy with the above units in terms of looks and feel, so what warcasters do they (and below) go well with? What is the Repenter jack like from the battlebox? I feel it's like a weaker Reckoner jack. I think the Crusader is pretty lackluster and outdone by the Vanquisher/Templar heavy jack (Templar any good?) but could be wrong. Is the Revenger from the smaller battlebox also any good or only useful in early games when I don't have the points for a better arc node jack like Blessing of Vengence. Speaking of which, is BoV good? I really like the look of it so say yes...please :)?

I think that's everything, if we add all that up minus the Repenter/Crusader jacks and Cinerators from the battlebox that's 54 points with what I feel are a lot of options for changing lists around, especially with characters. Would love to hear thoughts from others and any other units which are good to consider, particularly buffing units? I recall a couple others mentioned but have not noticed them in my browsing through the book or forgot about them. I know Daughters of the Flame are good but not a huge fan so far of their look. Everything else I am pretty chuffed with (namely the Knights Exemplar Errants, Bastions/Cinerators, BoV and a lot of their characters) in terms of looksie.

And from Vince - he'd like as much information as possible in terms of Khador, particularly what they get in the two player battle box (Kommander Sorscha, Juggernaut and Destroyer jacks, Man-O-War Shocktrooper Unit), good units/combos, units to stay away from, etc. As we understand Khador is a pretty beastly faction which can take a beating and dish it out but further info is of course much appreciated. He'd also like some info on Karchev and butcher builds (please).

P.S. to everyone who doesn't play Warmachine/Hordes, worry not, these posts won't become super  common and 40k will take precedence. I just have new stuff giddiness... Also, the dice bags came today but I wasn't home to receive them so they should hopefully be delivered tomorrow! Fingers crossed dice come soon, too!

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