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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Email in: Starting Space Marines

"Hey Kirby,

I sent you an email a while back about starting Codex Space Marines and you gave me a fair amount of advice, in particular, starting at 1,000 points rather than 750. After doing a bit of list building I came up with a few ideas. The central idea is to start at that 1k mark and add to the army in 500 point increments. Let me know what you think.

2 x 10 Tactical Marines, Flamer, Multi-melta, rhino - 410
Librarian - 100
Sternguard Veteran Squad, 2 multimelta, razorback, lascannon, tl-plasmagun - 210
2 x 2 Multi-melta/heavy flamer Landspeeders - 280

Total: 1,000 Points
26 Infantry
7 Vehicles

2 Dreadnoughts with 2 tl-autocannons - 250
3 Predator tanks with autocannon turrets and heavy bolter sponsons - 255

Total: 1,505 points
26 Infantry
12 Vehicles

2 Multi-melta/heavy flamer Landspeeders - 140
2 x 5 Tactical Marines, razorback, lascannon tl-plasmagun - 330
Add a powerfist to the Sternguard Sgt.

Total: 2,000 points
36 Infantry
16 Vehicles

I have also toyed around with the idea of making a similar list in which I run a captain with a command squad of some sort. Also, I have an Ork list I might send to Fester.

Thanks for maintaining such an informative blog. I really enjoy reading it.

Stay pink!


Dan, nothing really wrong with the list though the only thing I would question is the Sternguard loadout. You don't really need a PFist with them and the two MMs make them pretty static and without a fire point Rhino, hard to get into position. I'd run them either more aggressive or more static and I prefer the aggressive route. If you go static, get longer ranged weapons such as Lascannons or get them a Rhino so they can move into position. Otherwise equip them with as many combi-meltas as possible (potentially heavy flamers as well) and run them as aggressive support with your Tacticals. I prefer this method as you get full usage out of their cheap combi-weapons and special ammo and it makes a great ride for the Libby.

Other than that everything looks good. Make sure to not go over points (even 5) though when you're scaling the list up and I would prefer the Libby over the Captain/Command Squad. The Libby provides much more for the army over the Captain which is really an unnecessary tax added onto the Command Squad.

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