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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Immolator Nerf! - Sisters of Battle White Dwarf release

Maws 40k

Most of you have seen the new Sisters of Battle rumors and the most apparent thing outside of the overhauled Faith System (D6 points per turn, only usable during player's turn) is the Immolator kick in the nuts. We knew it was coming but the glorious move 12", fire a twin-linked heavy flamer, Razorback with a firepoint has been reduced to...a Razorback with twin-linked heavy flamer. Yawn. 

We shall see what the points are for everything inside a month I imagine which will drastically impact the usefulness of such things as the Exorcists (much cheaper please), Penitent Engines (much cheaper please), Repentias (cheaper please and should therefore work well with Priests + their Faith), etc. I imagine the regular Sisters of Battle will be below their previous 11 points with a premimum placed on their upgrade characters thanks to Faith. One also expects Uriah Jacobus will be quite popular (re-roll Faith amount per turn) depending upon points cost. Having an excellent counter-assault unit in Death Cult Assassins is also nice and we know how awesome they are! A 6++ on most units is nice as well but with cover predominate at 5th we have to ask why wasn't this a 5++? new new units, an overhaul to the Faith system (more streamlined but very unreliable with a 1D6 based system and then needing another D6 to pass the actual test) and a nerf to what used to be one of the best transports in the game. The major changes we can see is an effort to make the combat units more viable but this depends a lot on the points cost. Overall I cannot see the whole concept of the army changing too much. Immolator spam is unlikely to be as effective or the same calibre it is now but a lot of 3+ save units with boltguns and melta-weapons wouldn't surprise me as the norm with ranged fire support having to come from within their own codex (Retribution Squads, Exorcists).

Anyway, let's hear your thoughts. Honestly it's what one would expect from a White Dwarf codex - pretty blah. Nothing new (though we should hopefully see that box which can outfit every Sisters squad in the book) and whilst appreciated, would have been much better off coming in at the beginning of 5th edition to bring the army in line with those rules as there is unlikely to be a Sisters of Battle codex for a long time after this.

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