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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More 40k FAQs ... with some Fantasy FAQs too!

Yay for FAQ updates! Let's see what we have...


Vehicles wings are part of its hull. Hello Vendettas/Valks and Stormravens. Further updates regarding how these models with large oval bases work with ramming, terrain and destroyed results. Scouting units don't make their vehicle Scout but a vehicle can Scout even with a non-scout unit inside.

Nothing major. Next!

Grey Knights:

Bringing some basic SM rules into line for GK such as combat squads and transports, ATSKNF regroup distance, smoke launchers + Machine spirit, etc. Astral Aim cannot overcome lack of firepoints. Duh. Some clarifications on the Summoning but no ability to cast it twice :(. Techmarine can only attempt one repair a turn...who didn't do this? Dreads Immobilised during Stormraven Explosions are destroyed. Leadership for the Callidus Neural Shredder for Instant Death purposes. Rad and Psychotroke grenades do not stack. Razorbacks can be taken for squads that cannot fit inside them - yes Dark Eldar, Games Workshop does like Marine more.

Space Marines: 

Like nothing really. A Chainfist on an Ironclad is still a DCCW and Vortex of Doom hurts the vehicle the Librarian is embarked upon if it goes pear-shaped.


Waaagh ammendments, yay. KFF = 4+, was anyone really not playing this? Tankbustas can't run if they can see a tank, yay? Zzap guns need to hit? No way. Bigbomm clarifications for Dekkkoptas where BS doesn't reduce scatter and it counts as a barrage weapon. Deffrolla cannot be weapon destroyed. Re-rolls mean you re-roll everything so both the scatter die and distance scattered...just in case you still didn't know. Then there's a bunch of stuff about SCs and vehicle upgrades like boarding planks (no, walkers cannot attack back, wrecking balls hit AV arc not rear, etc.) and aren't anything amazing. Characters being able to join Snikrot and still Ambush is probably the nicest and biggest of these.


Nothing major overall though the BRB has the crap "if rules contradict each other roll off" bullshit which is...well dumb. Can we strike through that one and pretend it doesn't exist? Can Tyranids get an un-FAQ too please?


Apparently there are some Fantasy ones as well for Lizardmen and Tombs Kings. These were done earlier in the week but no one noticed them. How cute! Lizardmen has a few changes whilst Tomb Kings is the FAQ post-release of the new book. Have at ye with these changes since I'm not up to date on my Fantasy-fu.

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