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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3++ Vassal Ladder - Asking Around

Hi 3++! I’m Katie Drake and this is my first time writing anything for Kirby. Some of you may know me from the chatbawks or In time I’ll be doing at least one Codex Review either solo or alongside others and maybe even offering my viewpoint on gaming culture-specific issues. Today though, I’d like to come forth with ideas and ask the readers of 3++ how they would prefer a Vassal-based 40K Ladder work. Some may remember Kirby’s V40K ladder from a few years ago. This will be similar, but fine tuned a bit. Hopefully it’ll be even more successful.
Firstly, let’s get the very basics out of the way.

“ For those of us who weren’t around for Kirby’s league, what is a V40K ladder and how does it work?”

Essentially, a 40K ladder is a system that encourages people to play games of 40K against other ladder participants and allows players to measure their success against those of others. Players move up places on the ladder by playing and winning games against one another in a competition to ascend to the top spot and defend their position against all comers. Typically at the end of a pre-determined period of time (called a Season) the top player(s) will be awarded in some way.

The best ladders work in a way that reward larger numbers of ladder points to players who defeat opponents of equal or superior ranking more than beating someone of lower rank. This encourages players to constantly challenge themselves to take their play to the next level and discourages people from picking on newer folks.

“Sounds like fun, but how do I play?”

It’s simple. First, you’ll need Vassal as well as a copy of the 40K Module. You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with how to install and use these two things together. A guide on how to install can be found here.
Now, I’d like to ask everyone a couple of questions. Please answer them in the comments below!
  1. What point level seems most appropriate? I’m thinking of setting the “average” at 1,750 points, or maybe 1,500. Keep in mind that games on Vassal take a bit longer than ones played in person.
  2.  Do players want to be able to play different Codicies from game to game, or should people be required to stick to a single Codex over the course of a Season?

After a couple of days, I’ll take responses into account and post up the full rules for the league. Please guys, leave comments, questions and suggestions below.

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