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Monday, August 1, 2011

Dice have Arrived!

Dice have arrived, woot! 1200 16mm with a pretty Kirby logo and they look pretty good en masse. Personal favorites are the black +  pink and velvet pinks (which I think a lot of people didn't think would turn out well). There are still some dice (and bags left) but not many. Black and Pink are currently sold out with 12 opaque pink left and 36 velvet pink. Not much choice there I'm afraid but the Velvet pink do look very nice in my opinion. No dice left but if we get enough orders in now (150+ more dice) I can put another order in. You can see shots below of them. If you are interested in purchasing just velvet dice (and potentially a bag) use the Merchandise link in the top left otherwise e-mail and we can work something out. Below are some pictures for you guys and thanks for the patience. I know it's been a bit longer than we expected but with a large order like this I guess it's to be expected. I should get all orders up to the point of this post mailed out this week and I will send confirmation e-mails as they get sent so look for these guys within the next week or two depending upon where you live!

I'm sure many of you remember me joking I was going to have a bath in these dice...

but they didn't really fill up my bath tub. Damnit!

Here is a size comparison to the normal 12mm dice. Significantly bigger which makes rolling them en masse a bit of a pain but with the 3++ merchandise logo counter-balancing the 6 pip, they seem to roll a lot more 'averages' than your normal pipped dice which is nice.

And 36 do fit quite comfortably in one of the 3++ dice bags. I've managed to fit in 50 without any issues so 36 + a lot of smaller dice should give you enough for most armies to roll away with.

With the success of this dice order I will very likely do another one later in the year and see if we cannot aim for the 3++ in place of the 3 pip if people are interested. We'll do more colors than pink as well as I heard some people lamenting the lack of colors. This won't be for a while though so everyone can test out their dice first :).

For now, enjoy! (when they get to you).

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