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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dice Mailings

I'm currently in the process of putting all the dice orders into envelopes - after a lengthy discussion with the postal lady (where 152g was > 250g and a letter was a parcel) everything is set to go and I will be mailing everything tomorrow.

So, today is your last chance to point out any incorrect mailing addresses ^^. I'm mailing everything to the associated postal address to your PayPal account unless you indicated otherwise. If you believe that address was wrong or wish to confirm your address with me, e-mail me and you can rest assured it shall be sent to the correct place.

It should take roughly 1-2 weeks to reach everyone though I've had things arrived from the US and UK within days of delivery. I will confirm postage tomorrow so if you haven't received your dice three-four weeks from said date, contact me and your local post office and we'll see if we can sort something out.

Remember, this is only for first wave orders. I have yet to place the second wave of dice orders yet so if you still want some, you've got a couple days left. Again, no bags but any amount or color of dice will be available.

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