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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Email in: 2k GK - no Dreads

Jah Minis

"Hey Kirby, been following your blog for a while, a wealth of great information here :) Thanks for all of it and keep up the great work, its a ton of help! Over the summer I decided to slowly brush off my old Grey Knights and get back into 40k and now I want to finalize a 2000 pt list. I've looked around and everyone seems to love the 2x TL Autocannon dreads. I understand that they're great, but they're so bloody ugly and just seem to detract from the whole feel of the army. So I've refused to use them. Got a forgeworld dread btw with a psycannon but I doubt it will fit into the 2000 pt list unless you have a suggestion for him. Here is the 2k list, not sure what I should drop for 1750 so any advice on that would be great.


Libby - 3 powers

2 Squads of 6 Purifiers
2x Psycannon/Psybolt ammo/1 DH/Halberds/R-back with Assault Cannons.
(wondering if I should drop the halberds, put swords on and give the R-back psybolt ammo)
=276x2 = 552 Total for both squads.

10x Terminator Squad - Justicar with MC DH/Banner/2x Psycannon/Psybolt Ammo/1x DH, rest Halberds (I know they don't cost anything extra but w.e)

10x GKSS - Justicar with MC DH/2x Psycannon/Halberds/Rhino

Dreadknight - Heavy Psycannon/Sword/Teleporter

Total of 2007pts

The idea is to shunt the DK into enemy territory to go cause hell, have a solid midfield with the GKSS, Termies, Libby and GM and use the Purifiers aggressively as need be. Thanks again, take care."

Several things here but let's start with the no dread principle. That's fine and I think the GK can work around that but I don't think Dreadknights are the answer. They have some use but I'm not a huge fan of them and they are pretty easy to torrent down. So I'm not going with them and hope that's okay!

With no Dreads your suffer from lack of range. That's fine - you either need to ignore that and just focus on getting up close to your opponent or get range elsewhere. We'll just ignore it. Here's where the GM, which you have, is great. Scouts. This means you can get free 12" moves for certain units and plop them within psycannon range T1. Don't need to move them as you now have Heavy 4 psycannons, awesome.

So let's look at the list then. Drop the Psycannon from the GM. It's nice to have a BS6 relentless psycannon but at 45 points? No thanks. Psychotroke + Blind Grenades and an Incinerator make a decently cheap + scary GM which can make your GKT a lot nastier so we'll go with that. If you really want the extra psycannon you can but I'd prefer to make him cheaper with more utility. The Libby is a fine choice as well and I'd be looking for Sanctuary, Shrouding and Might of Titan for those three powers.

Terminators are fine though 1 or 2 Swords for 4++ wouldn't go amiss. The Purifiers have too much on them though. I'd be looking at two squads of five/six with 2x psycannons + hammer and then a Razorback with Psybolt ammo (so S6 heavy bolters). If you have points spare you can chuck halberds on these guys but you don't need pysbolt ammo (not enough bodies and thus expensive) and the assault cannon onthe Rback is very vulnerable to being damaged (short-ranged and single weapon) and quite expensive. When you have a bunch of S7 rending already, you don't need more and the Psybacks give you ranged anti-infantry firepower you normally don't have.

The large GKSS is priced wrong if it has everything there. Regardless, since you have the large GKT squad I'd be looking to make these smaller squads such as 5x GKSS w/Psycannon + Psyback. Once again you get the stormbolter/psycannon combo of Grey Knights and the ranged S6 from the Psyback. Dividing this squad in two also offers you more flexibility whilst still getting two transports. This gives you 4 Psybacks + 5 foot Grey Knight units currently.

We then get to the Dreadknight and I'd drop it completely. Dreadknights need to be kept cheap as chips and the only real upgrade I'm okay with them having is heavy incinerators. So without Dreadnoughts our best option here is either Land Raiders for fire support or Purgation squads. I'm going to recommend Purg squads here as they go really well with a Libby and a midfield oriented list which you already have. You have two options here. 4x Psycannons in Razorback or 2x Psycannon/2x Incinerator in transport. I'd probably go with the 2x Psy/2x Icin option with Rhino as it's decently cheap (160 points) so you should be able to get two of these squads and it runs a dual purpose. However, the 4x Psycannon option is also very good as you get another Razorback and with Astral Aim, you get alot of options in terms of where you fire those psycannons from. Furthermore, with Scout from Grandmasters you could get these guys into a hidden position where they don't have to move and from T1 you can have 16 psycannon shots from a single squad coming at your opponent. They are more expensive at 220 points so if you want two of these you might need to fiddle around with points and potentially lose the Librarian.

This then gives your opponent quite a few issues with target priority as all the units are relatively the same (stormbolters/psycannons), operate in the same general area (midfield) and quite durable. Add in a bunch of tanks to disrupt your opponent and provide some extra ranged ability and you've got a very scary list for your opponent to deal with with the only weakness really being a lack of ranged shooting.

In the end a list might look something like:

GM w/Rad, Psychotroke, MC Halberd, Incin, Blind Grenades
Libby w/Shrouding, Sanctuary, Might of Titan
2x5x Purifiers w/2x Psycannon, Hammer, Psyback
10x GKT w/2x Psycannon, Psybolt, Banner, 2x DH, 1x Sword, 6x Halberds
2x5x GKSS w/psycannon, Psyback
2x5x Purgation w/2x Psycannon, 2x Incinerator, Rhino

and that's 1915 points so there are some options for changes/alterations around this principle.

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