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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Weekend - Very Behind on E-mails.

I've got 30 e-mails stacked up in my inbox atm so if you've sent one recently and haven't received a reply, sorry!  I'll be working on getting replies out this week as well as doing a full review of the Sisters of Battle release and NOVA wrap-up.

Anyway, just a heads-up things are happening, just at a glacial pace currently. Got a couple tournaments this September I'm hoping to go to as well so detailed battle reports from me should be in the pipeworks as well.

Oh and the NOVA results that I know so far from Day 1:

Dash, Nick (won Invitational), Spag, Tony (last year's winner), Hulky = 4-0
Nike, Stelek, Farmpunk, MagicJuggler = 3-1
StillFrosty, Gramps = 2-2
Sandwyrm, Rolly = 1-3

Don't know how Laeroth, Nike, Hulky or Rolly are doing so if anyone has information on them (or more results currently) let us know :).

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