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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Email in: 'Ard Boyz GK list for review


"Seems like you are the preferred venue for list advice, judging from the past few day's posts. Any advice for this one?

Grand Master - NFS, SB - 220
+Blind Grenades, Empyrean Brain Mines, Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades
0.28 1.74 0.6 0.0

Librarian - NWS, SB - 220
+Empyrean Brain Mines, Might of Titan, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Rift
0.21 1.64 2.08 0.0

Vindicare Assassin - 145
0.46 0.54 4.6 3.83

Techmarine - PW, Bolter - 136
+Blind Grenades, Empyrean Brain Mines, Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades, Servo Skulls x2
1.55 1.49 2.86 0.0

Techmarine - PW, Bolter - 173
+Blind Grenades, Orbital Strike Relay, Psychotroke Grenades, Rad Grenades, Servo Skulls x1
4.83 1.49 5.56 0.0

Terminator Squad - Psybolt Ammo - 590
+Anval Thrawn, Psycannon x2, NFDH x2, NFH x1, NFF x4, Brotherhood Banner
4.03 14.73 20.78 6.95

Strike Squad - Psybolt Ammo - 345
+Psycannon x2, NFH x2, NWS x1, NDH x1, NFFx1
+Rhino, Pintle SB
3.91 6.37 12.01 4.75

Land Raider - 270
+Multimelta, Psybolt Ammo
2.72 0 11.25 3.52

Land Raider - 270
+Multimelta, Psybolt Ammo
2.72 0 11.25 3.52

Dreadnought - 131
+Psybolt Ammo, Assault Cannon, Searchlight
1.15 1.24 6.86 3.2

Mathhammer Totals:
DMS: 21.86
DMCC: 29.24
DRPG: 77.85
DLRPG: 25.77

As a side note: I've got my own Excel/Open Office file for calculating the 40k-metrics. It doesn't quite handle everything, and I'm planning on eventually putting together a VB Macro entry front-end on it for ease of use (maybe even pull info from AB40k army exports?), but it works for most things. You mentioned in a different post that you've know some people working on something like that - if they (or you) want/need it, just ask.

Anyways - I know its light on Troops, but both can Combat Squad if necessary. General plan is take advantage of combat squading the GKSS into the Land Raiders and Warpquake to keep Drop Pods and other Deep Strikers away from the Land Raiders (local Meta leans more towards ML Spam, and Drop Pod/Deep Striking melta). Techmarines Bolster a Ruin for the Terminators and/or Assassin - or the Assassin hides in the empty Rhino. Alternatively, I can put the Terminators in the Raiders, GKSS in the Rhino and make a 4-man IC squad to back them up and/or keep them moving (along with the Dread). Shrouding + Bolster will give me 2+ Cover Saves situationally, which is very nice - but it means I'm more static than I might need to be. Facing a gun-line that won't help anyone but my Assassin and Orbital Barrage Techmarine. But against an aggressive foe (Dark Eldar and their Lances) it will help immensely. Oh - and I don't have any Psyfledreads or Storm Ravens because I don't have any models for them.


-Mark Duffield"

First off, anyone who wants to submit their army for Nike's 40kmetrics can apparently do so through Mark! Thanks. I'd recommend you contact Nike as well Mark and perhaps see if you can work together on getting that out to people. So let's look at the list.

The metrics tell us the list is pretty solid in comparison to 2000 point lists. Being a 2500 list this is a bit concerning so let's look at what we have. I like the use of GKSS in Raiders but you are losing some firepower by keeping them in there, especially considering you've given them psybolt ammo. Consider running two Strike Squads with Razorbacks and putting the Psycannon halves in the forward moving Razorbacks (or Rhinos) and the all stormbolter halves in the Land Raiders for scoring + quaking Raiders. I would also drop all combat weapons off these guys. Too expensive on 1A guys.

You then have three grenade carriers with only a single squad which really needs it. I wouldn't bother combat squadding the Terminators often since you gave them a Brobanner. In the end the three Nade carriers is just too much. You want to keep one so you have two options. Drop both the Techies but lose bolstered defenses or drop the Grandmaster and one of the techies but lose Grand Strategy. I'd personally lose the Techmarines. You lose 2+ cover on your Vindicare and potential 2+ cover for your GKT but this is really only going to matter in Dawn of War games where ruins are in midfield for the GKT. You could drop the Grandmaster and keep one Techie but then you really need to shore up your scoring with Strike squads in Rhinos or Razors. Up to you there. Either way don't bother with OSR in this type of list IMO. They are really a take lots or take none sort of thing.

Regardless, get at least a 2nd strike squad and if you drop the GM I'd look to take more Strike Squads (5x w/Psycannon in Psyback style). If you keep the GM though and drop the Techies, look to replace them with Venerable Dreadnoughts (Psyfle variant) and potentially the Vindicare as well depending upon points and whether or not you really wanted that 2+ cover. This gives you backfield power of multiple Psyfles + Fortitude/scoring Land Raiders, multiple Strike Squads moving up (and minimal firepower lost), large GKT with 3+ cover and dominates in combat (thanks grenades) and lots of psycannons + hulls. Your ultimate numbers will be a bit higher than what you have now but not huge as you are paying a lot more for durability but with the above changes you're putting more firepower on the table (less utility/force multipliers) and losing less by hiding in the Land Raiders.

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