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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Extra Dice

Okay well with the dice arriving there's been a few orders over what I can actually accommodate in the past few days. I can put in another order but I'd need at least 200 dice to get to a point where the prices stay the same and the site isn't losing money. Remember, all profits from this is going to site hosting, 3++ events, prizes, etc. Therefore we need about 100 extra dice to be ordered to reach that point so if people are interested please use the Merchandise link and buy dice or let me know through the comments or via e-mail and we can get something sorted. Obviously the more the better and if we get anywhere near the 200 mark I'll put the order in and if we get over 500, even better.

If you do want to place an order now you can do any advertised color (opaque pink, velvet pink and pink and black - I personally think the velvet pink look best in real life) and any quantity with or without a bag (there are currently 10 bags left). I'll leave this option up until the end of the week but if we don't get near the 200 mark I'll refund anyone who has ordered dice up to this point beyond the stock we ordered the first time around. With only needing about 100 though, three people buying 36 and we're set!

I'll keep this posted updated with numbers needed and thanks again to everyone who has helped out and bought dice. Your contribution helps everyone :).

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