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Friday, August 12, 2011

Email in: Need some Advice on a list


"Well I have a tournament coming up in about 2.5 months and I figured I might as well start a new 40k army! After a fair amount of time I decided to use a space wolf list since I really like lone wolves and TWC. I've done a few test games and really like the list bar 1 part of it - Land Speeders. I understand the value of turbo boosting them and making your opponent kill them so they don't lose their vehicles but I was slightly underwhelmed by them. After getting the model and putting it together I'm tempted to drop them from the list mainly since I don't think they will fit with the theme I am going with (Spartans!) and the more I look at the model the less and less I like it. So this presents me with a bit of a problem since I need to figure out what to change in the list and still try to make it work. So here is the list (Minus the two landspeeders)

Rune Priest ( Living Lightening and Stormcaller)

Dreadnaught with two twin linked auto cannons (This guy is soley in the list since I ordered the new Contemptor dreadnaught and it's sexy)
Lone Wolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Stormshield
Lone Wolf, Terminator Armor, Chainfist, Stormshield

10 Grey hunters, 2x melta, wolf standard, rhino
5 Grey Hunters, melta, razor with las/plas
5 Grey Hunters, melta, razor with las/plas
5 Grey Hunters, melta, razor with las/plas
5 Grey Hunters, melta, razor with las/plas

3 Thunder Wolf Cavalry, Storm shield, melta bomb

5 Long fangs, 4x missile
5 Long fangs, 4x missile

So this leaves me with 120 points to spend. The first thing that comes to my mind is taking a razor and a rhino for the long fangs to help get them into position and then dump the rune priest into the empty rhino and have him run around screaming and throwing lightening bolts at the farthest stuff away (just cuz he can) Or I could get another long fang pack or even another rune priest. I guess it's a good problem to have since there seems to be quite a few ways to spend the last 120 points but I need some nudging in the right direction.

Thanks and keep up the kick ass blog!"

First things. I don't like mass LasPlas for Wolves. Your Grey Hunters are forced to always get outside of their transport to do anything and you lose firepower in the early turns when you want to move 12". Second. No Wolf Guard for Grey Hunters.

With this in mind I'd change the LasPlas to Rhinos, grab two LasPlas for the Fangs and then look at your Elites. Unfortunately you will have to lose something you like if you want a solid list. Either both the Lone Wolves (as 1 is not great) and replace them with another Rifle Dread + WOlf Guard unit or the Rifle Dread for Wolf Guard. Each Wolf Guard should have a combi-melta and PFist and go with the Grey Hunters.

I'm happy with the 3x TWC squad but splitting them into three squads of one, each with a special weapon, wouldn't be amiss either. It raises your KP number but it gives you a lot of counter-attack flexibility. Remember, TWC aren't really a massive rock unit and whilst they can put pressure on your opponent with their excellent charge range, you need more than one squad of three to really scary opponents with combat ability. You don't really have the points for this so I'd look to run two-three individual TWC with Wolf Claws as counter-assault units instead. Thunder hammers if you want them to be more aggressive as S10 is fun.

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