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Friday, August 12, 2011

Email in: 2 questions/requests :)


"Hello and thank you for your excellent blog. I'm new to WH40k and your blog has really helped me out with my new aspiring Blood Angels. We are a bunch of players who are actively playing 1500 to 1750 p games as singles or from time to time doubles. So far I've played with what I have but I'm planning for a shopping trip soon and therefore I'd like to consult you before I make my move.

Recl - 130

5 man Assault squad in Razorback w tl Lascannon 155
5 man Assault squad in Razorback w tl Lascannon 155
1 DC Dread w heavy flmer/talons in drop pod 170
8 DC 2pf, 1 PW in LR w extra armour 490

2 Baal Preds w tl assault cannons 230

2 Predators w las sponsons 270

All in all 1600 p if I can somewhat count. Opinions? Too few scoring units?

For the last 150 points I was thinking about a 5 man sniper squad + flamer sponsons for the Baals? I don't plan on running serious tournaments at all, but I would like to take on my friends who are way more experienced than I am without being called cheesy ;) Would it be better to run CC termies and a librarian? Swap out DC dread for regular furioso? I like the idea of DC, a unit no other army can field but I hear lots of mixed opinions about them.

Secondly, I have basically 2 black reach boxes(almost) and a devastator box donated to me by some friends to start me up on something. I can't seem to find use for 20 or so tacts, 2 dreads, 10 terms etc, devastator team in my BA force. Soo what I was thinking was to build up a shooty/slogging crimson fist list for 1500 p or so perhaps scaling up to 1750. Think you can be of some help perhaps? This list is more for the fun of painting etc so if it's cheap and can use what I just listed I would be a happy hobbyist :)

Oh and one more thing. Named chars is a no go for me, my force is not the justice league it's a bunch of well trained anonymous marines ;)

Thank you! If you don't have time or the will to help me I understand of course but it would be very nice of you if you could help out.


I like your heavy support and fast attack for your BA but am not a fan of the single Land Raider + DC Dread. The ASM in Razorbacks are fine. Here's what I'd do and it has a more comeptitive edge to it whilst not making you spend a lot of money. I'd forget about the DC. I know they seem cool but they are pretty eh and require the Chaplain/Reclusiarch to be really scary. That's quite a lot of points in one area and sometimes they will wreck face. Other times they'll be stranded T1. If you REALLY want Death Company I'd keep them small and put them in a Rhino or a Drop Pod. It's not optimal but far less of a poink sink than you have now.

We then want to use your AoBR stuff. Shootynators with FNP are very scary so I'd look to use those 10 Terminators as a shootynator squad and grab a Sanguinary Priest. You'll need to convert/buy Cyclone Missile Launchers but it's a very nice unit to have. We then need to expand your scoring. I'd be dropping the DC Dread (Pod can go to DC if use them this way). We have two real options - we can go with the Tacticals/Devs in Razorbacks or buy some more ASM in Razorbacks. Tacticals is cheaper obviously since you have them and by using Razorbacks and combat squads, you can get fire support from the heavy weapon side and a mobile melta unit + the Razorback guns. If you have spare points at this point I would invest in a Devastator squad with missile launchers and more Sanguinary Priests.

The end army would look something like:

Libby (replacing the Reclusarich to decrease DC points)
2-3x Priests
10x Terminators w/2x CML
2x5x ASM w/LasPlas, meltagun
2x10x Tacticals w/LasPlas, heavy weapon, meltagun, combi-melta
DC in Pod/Rhino (optional - IMO not needed)
2x Baals
2x Preds
Dev squad w/Missiles

That's probably going over points so up to you if you want the DC or the Devs. This also keeps the price down as you are using your AoBR models but you don't get to run your Crimson Fist force. You could run a more fluffy/hobby foot Blood Angel list with Devs, Tacticals, ASM, Shootynators, priests and no tanks but I think using the AoBR stuff in your current list setup is better.

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